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by Mar 8, 2023Fitness, Online Exclusives, South Brunswick

Push Pull Resistance Training in Little River is focused on making seniors stronger.

When Brenda and Greg Hoffman opened Push Pull Resistance Training for Seniors in Little River in June 2022, people stopped by to see what was different about their fitness center.

“Our machines are easy for seniors to use,” Greg says. “There are two, basically, the push machine and the pull — so that’s easy to remember.”

Resistance training is an excellent way to counteract the age-related loss of muscle mass, improve strength and convert fat to muscle. By targeting men and women who are in the 55+ age group, the Hoffmans give each person the attention they need on the machines and let them take it from there.

“The difference between lifting weights and using pneumatics, which simply means compressed air, is pneumatic technology eliminates inertia,” Greg says. “Instead of stacks of iron weights, our customers move pounds of compressed air. With a traditional ‘weight stack’ machine, unequal effort is required at different points in the exercise, and many seniors find that jarring. Resistance training is gentler on people’s joints and connective tissue.”

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Seniors themselves, the Hoffmans wanted to offer other seniors the chance to exercise in a positive environment where they get individual help.

“Many communities have amenity centers with exercise rooms, but you’re basically on your own to do your workouts,” Greg says. “How many pounds do you start with? How long is your workout? At Push Pull, we guide you on how you’ve been doing and we prompt you to step up your game when it’s the right time.”

Brenda notes that one of their clients said she couldn’t carry a 12-pack of water bottles from her car to her house, but now, after doing months of resistance training, she can carry it.

Another person said she is not the athletic type but found that her workouts on two different machines, the push and pull machines, were simple once she was shown what to do.

“Workouts don’t have to be complicated,” Brenda says.

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With her clipboard and each customer’s individualized tracking sheet, Brenda shows everyone their numbers at the end of each workout and compares them to when they started at Push Pull, whether it was three months ago or six months ago.

“I also text customers their numbers at the end of each day,” Brenda says. “For example, they moved 3,000 pounds of compressed air that day compared to say, 1,500 pounds on Day 1. They like seeing those numbers because they’re tangible proof of the workouts they’re doing. It reinforces the fact that they are doing well.”

Greg adds, “Many customers tell us they feel more toned, they can climb stairs easier and they can lift heavy things like bags of groceries without effort.”

The Hoffmans moved to Horry County, South Carolina, several years ago from Ohio to be closer to family. In doing their errands around town, they both noticed that senior citizens in Brunswick and Horry counties seem active and energetic.

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“We want to keep that energy going for these seniors as they age,” Greg says. “Many people over 55 golf, swim, go bicycle riding and want to maintain an active lifestyle. Resistance training can help. Push Pull Resistance Training for Seniors is the first of its kind in that our fitness equipment is powered by air not weights and we focus on seniors.”

There is a fee for workouts at Push Pull Resistance Training for Seniors, and appointments are needed. Customers can call for a tour and demonstration.

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