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Memories of Maine

There are many ways to enjoy Maine’s signature crustacean, but one of the best and most indulgent is to tuck chunks of lobster meat into creamy mac and cheese.

Sisters Separated by 25 Miles

So, the other night I wended my way to Leland to visit The Joyce Pub in that massive complex outside Brunswick Forest in Leland called The Villages. That it was a convenient halfway point for two real-life sisters to meet made it attractive, too.

Help Save a Farm

In the far southeast corner of Brunswick County on Hickman Road, near the South Carolina border, Indigo Farms is indeed a true local treasure. Designated a Century Farm, one of the few remaining in the county, this land has been enriched by the sweat, love, tears and careful farming methods of Bellamy family members since 1766.

Even Fagin Would Like This Place

The reprehensible villain of Dickens’ classic Oliver Twist seemed to smile only when his evil was being unleashed on his prey. But I’m betting Oliver’s in Southport would generate a smile or two, especially after enjoying some of the exceptional food and drink offered there.

Tropic Time

Brandon Korman, owner of three Tropical Smoothie Cafes in Wilmington and Leland, shares healthy food and good vibes with his customers.


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