I Support the Girls

by Feb 14, 2019Brunswick County Life


 Bring feminine hygiene products and new or gently used bras to Sea Glass Salvage Market this weekend to support women and girls in need.

The time for spring cleaning is still at least a month away, but Kelli Benton has a reason you should get started early this year, beginning with that overflowing drawer of bras.

With a heart for giving back to her community, Benton, owner of Sea Glass Salvage Market, invites a local nonprofit organization to set up at her market each month.

Photo Courtesy of I Support the Girls

“I usually find the 501(c) online and contact them to see if they are available,” Benton says. “If they are, I ask them to set up at the market as an outside vendor so they can give out information to the community.”  

In 2017 she stumbled upon I Support the Girls and at first glance knew it was an organization that she wanted to support. I Support the Girls is a nonprofit organization that provides bras and feminine hygiene products to women in need both nationally and internationally. “No woman should ever have to choose between food and things like a bra or feminine hygiene products,” Benton says.

The organization has a chapter in Brunswick County. “I love that the donations go locally,” Bentons says. All items received are picked up by the local chapter and given to women staying in places such as recovery homes, homeless shelters and battered women’s shelters. 

Photo Courtesy of I Support the Girls


I Support the Girls began in Maryland in 2015 and continues to grow. After shedding a few pounds, founder Dana Marlowe realized her bra no longer fit. When she went to buy a new bra, she asked what she could do with all the bras she had that are in good condition but no longer fit. She was informed that there are homeless women in dire need of bras. People always donate clothing, but rarely are bras a part of the donation.

When I Support the Girls comes to Sea Glass Salvage Market this weekend, all of their donated bras will be strung along a mock clothesline. “It is actually very fun,” Benton says. “We have bras hanging all around the market!” She says it’s a great way to bring awareness to the cause because no one is going to walk in the market and not ask what is going on.

Benton was once a single mom with three kids. “I know how hard it can be to make ends meet,” she says, “so I want to make sure all women who are struggling are able to have what they need. Plus, everyone deserves a good bra!”

On February 15, 16 and 17, Seaglass Salvage Market will be collecting bras and feminine hygiene products (pads, tampons, panty liners, etc.) for I Support the Girls. Last year they collected 130 new and used bras, 315 pads, 276 tampons, 15 panties and a few socks/stockings. Benton hopes to surpass those numbers by a long shot this year. All types of bras, gently used or new, are accepted.

If you are a part of a 501(c) organization and would like to bring awareness about your mission to the community, contact Benton. She is dedicated to making sure the community is aware of ways they can help out others.


You can find more information on I Support the Girls by visiting their website  https://isupportthegirls.org.

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