Hospital Helpers

by Sep 29, 2023Health, Southport Oak Island

Dosher Memorial Hospital Volunteers elect officers for the 2023–24 term.

Dosher Memorial Hospital Volunteers are a diverse group of 160 individuals from southeastern Brunswick County who provide administrative assistance for the Dosher organization as well as raise funds for hospital programs and equipment through the hospital gift shop and a high-quality resale store in downtown Southport.

They recently elected officers for the 2023–24 term, and the following officers were sworn in by Lynda Stanley, president and CEO of Dosher Hospital.

Dosher Memorial Hospital Volunteers

Ann Hollingsworth, President
Sherri Parent, Vice President
Donna Jenny, Secretary
Lorena Curry, Treasurer
Verda Darrell, Chaplain

“We are grateful for this extraordinary group of men and women and the meaningful difference they make in our hospital and clinics every day for patients and their families,” Stanley said.

If you are interested in volunteering at Dosher, go to