Dr. Brian Lank, owner of Coastal Integrative Health in Leland and Shallotte, has just opened a third chiropractic facility, Fuel Chiropractic, in Southport.

An old maxim says that if you need something done, don’t seek out somebody who has very little to do; seek out a busy person.

If that’s true, and I suspect it is (as slothful folks rarely get anything done), then seek out a guy named Brian Lank. Dr. Brian Lank, to be precise. The Busy Dr. B.

Lank has been a DC for 16 years, and during the sessions where he practices his origami skills on me, he tips me to great places to eat, drink and review.

But the guy wears more hats than a haberdasher has in stock. Among them, dad (to two boys and a girl), builder (with his own dad at Seacoast Building Company), chauffeur for his sons’ travel baseball teams, owner of at least two flourishing integrative care facilities (soon to be more), IPA beer devotee (though when he finds time to quaff is beyond me) and, oh, happens to be one of the top chiropractic doctors in Brunswick County. That he is an ardent fan of IPAs is also to his credit.

Fuel Chiropractic Dr. Brian Lank

But let’s add to that list. He, along with his partner Dr. Alex Humbert, just opened up a third chiropractic facility in Southport called Fuel Chiropractic. A different, simpler type of business than the two integrative care/physical therapy businesses he owns in Shallotte and Leland (which operate under the banner of Coastal Integrative Health), Fuel is designed to be a purely chiropractic facility.

What’s more, it may just be the first of many franchises the two entrepreneurs launch. Though the prospect of dealing with the obstacles and pitfalls posed by insurance companies can be daunting.

Lank and Humbert first met when Humbert was in high school and a patient of Lank’s. Humbert seemed both pleased by the results and intrigued by the process, and Lank offered Humbert the chance to see what chiropractic was all about. After dipping his toes in the chiropractic water, Humbert was hooked.

I asked the good doctor about the approach to building a business like the one he was launching.

Brunswick NC Fuel Chiropractic

“Our operation will be chiropractic-focused but will include non-surgical options for pain relief such as spinal decompression, laser therapy and radial pressure wave therapy (otherwise known as shockwave),” Lank says. “The buildout generally takes anywhere from three to six months depending on location, and staffing is done during that time frame except for the doctor, which takes substantially longer to find the right fit (that’s done when the location is found).”

The doctor who will be the lead doctor at Fuel Chiropractic is Dr. Riley Dilbeck, an Oklahoma native who, like Humbert, learned the benefits of chiropractic used to treat his sports injuries.

He attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas, for his chiropractic studies, where he was able to be educated in all aspects of chiropractic and the array of techniques that come with what he calls “this amazing profession.”

According to the fuelchiro.com website, Dilbeck is married and he loves spending time with his wife, Bri. He enjoys playing golf and disc golf at the numerous courses around New Hanover County, Brunswick County and the surrounding area.”

Fuel Chiropractic

As a side note, has anyone besides me noticed that doctors and police officers seem extraordinarily young these days? Lank confesses to being 41, though he looks a decade younger, and Humbert is 31. Dilbeck looks like he might be carded in a pub.

Of course, you’re only as old as you feel. But even as a big proponent of chiropractic care, I don’t come anywhere close to feeling as young as those guys actually are. But I suppose that guys like Busy Dr. B. need their youth to make these great moves.

You Southportians, St. Jamesians and Oak Islanders, however, can now make your own great move by “igniting your health” and feel younger at nearby Fuel Chiropractic. Because being healthy is always a smart move.

Busy or not.

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