Spring at the Museum

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Museum of Coastal Carolina’s March Family Programs are fun for all ages.

Celebrate the upcoming spring season with Museum of Coastal Carolina’s fun and educational March Family Programs that will inspire curiosity for visitors of all ages.

Thursdays at 11 am – Sea Tales: Listen to stories starring animals or exhibits displayed at the museum and complete interactive crafts or science activities based on each story:

March 7 – The Snorkel Bunnies by Dawn Calisto – Have you ever met a Snorkel Bunny? They are sweet, cuddly, cute and great friends. Plus, they love the sea and work to protect it. Discover how Snorkel Bunnies protect the sea and make a fun ocean craft from recycled materials.

Snorkel Bunny

March 14 – Pi-Rat by Maxine Lee – Avast ye! Celebrate Pi Day with the story of Pi-Rat and his fearsome, brave and swashbuckling crew. These pirates aren’t afraid of crocodiles or sharks, but there is one thing that scares them…. Follow this pirate crew’s adventures and make a fun Pi-rate themed craft.

March 21 – An Island Scrapbook by Virginia Wright-Frierson – Before the sun rises, an artist and her daughter explore their North Carolina barrier island and record the treasures they find. They observe the sights around them, sketch, paint and compile a scrapbook to preserve a special time and place. Follow their fun adventure and complete a beach-themed collage.

March 28 – If My Family Lived in the Ocean by Devyn Goddard – A little girl with a wild imagination contemplates life if she and her family lived in the ocean, picturing her mom, dad, brother and sister as sea creatures inhabiting a coral reef. Join this adventure of imagination and make fun fish family portraits.

Fridays at 11 am – Touch Tank Feeding: With staff and trained volunteer assistance, gently touch sea stars, urchins, anemones, conchs, horseshoe crabs and hermit crabs; watch trained volunteers feed the animals; and learn more about the sea creatures that call the Museum home.

Saturdays at 11 am – Bewildering Biofacts: Some may find the word “biofact” bewildering, but the Museum promises clarity, enlightenment and fun that will inspire curiosity each week. Visitors will explore biological artifacts such as bones, fur, eggs and shells; learn what they reveal about area wildlife; and create biofact replicas to take home.

March 2 – Turtle Shells – Explore the difference between a land turtle and a sea turtle through an interactive program and make a fun turtle craft.

Turtle Shells Museum of Coastal Carolina

March 16 – Whelk Eggs and Mermaid Purses – The beach is a great place to discover cool shells and odd treasures such as whelk eggs and mermaid purses. Master how to identify them and learn fun facts about these beach oddities.

March 23 – Shells – Learn about the different types of shells found near Ocean Isle Beach and dig through sand to practice identifying shells with ID guides.

Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium Education Manager Jamie Justice schedules and facilitates all Family Programs. Justice received her Bachelor of Science in marine biology from Bowling Green State University and her Master of Science in Environmental Science with concentrations in Marine and Coastal Education and Coastal Management from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

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