Science in 3D

by Jun 13, 2023Nature, South Brunswick

The Museum of Coastal Carolina’s Science in 3D exhibits use a virtual reality mobile classroom to teach about the ocean, turtles and storms.

Through virtual reality (VR) technology, the Museum of Coastal Carolina’s Science in 3D exhibit explores a virtual science laboratory that brings the real world into the lab and teaches the process of science.

Science in 3D Under the Sea

On Mondays and Fridays in the summer, Science in 3D will take visitors under the sea to explore the ocean and all the unique creatures found within it. Dive with fish, sharks, turtles and more to learn about these amazing animals and their habitats, and use a pair of Oculus goggles to get an unforgettable, 360-degree view of the ocean.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, witness hundreds of sea turtles emerge from the sand, heading toward the beach in a new VR program called Sea Turtle Quest. This exciting program explores the life cycle of a sea turtle including digging a nest, laying eggs and returning to the sea. Become a coastal scientist as you identify sea turtle tracks and sea turtle hatchlings, and learn why not all baby sea turtles survive and what you can do to protect these amazing creatures.

Museum of Coastal Carolina Science in 3D

On Tuesdays, learn how to prepare for storms ahead of hurricane season by discussing tips for building an emergency preparedness kit. This fun, family-friendly program will leave you with ways to explore at home. You will also get an up-close view of a hurricane in 3D through virtual reality goggles while flying through the eye of Hurricane Maria!

Education Manager Jamie Justice hosts the Science in 3D VR programs from Memorial Day through Labor Day at 1 pm on weekdays. Justice will help launch each VR adventure and answer questions about the experience. This program is not recommended for children younger than 8 years old or people who experience motion sickness.

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