Real Estate Q&A: Sid Rampy

by Jan 17, 2019Real Estate

Real Estate Q & A
with Sid Rampy, 2018 President of the Brunswick County Home Builders Association

How did 2017 compare to 2016?
Each year since the return of the housing market, Brunswick County is outgrowing any other county at the coast. 2017 continued to see steady growth and moved into the number one spot in the state, outgrowing even Wake County. 2018 did not show any signs of slowing down, If I had to predict, we may even see Brunswick County pass the 1,000 mark of new permits pulled for the year.   

What do you foresee five years from now?
Looking ahead for the next five years is not an easy task. I personally would like to see a steadier pace in lieu of the massive growth of the last three years. My biggest concern is the current cost of materials. Materials cost always moves up in the spring and usually at a 3 to 4% range. This year alone we have seen concrete go up by $12.00 per yard, all other materials 5 to 8% and just last month the were a few other mid-year price hikes. This coupled with a major skilled labor shortage in the county could within the next 24 months bring us to a big market crash. All smart builders should be planning for the next downturn.

How many members are in your association? Have you seen growth?
We are at 288 members now, and yes, we continue to grow in membership each year.

What are the benefits of being a part of your association?
A membership with BCHBA is a 3-in-1 deal. You join the Brunswick County Home Builders Association, the North Carolina Home Builders Association and the National Home Builders Association for one fee. There are many money-saving discounts available to members from companies like UPS , GEICO, Dell, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Hertz, GM, RAM, Budget, Wyndham, Verizon and many more. Another perk is the opportunities for networking with other members of the building industry. Additionally, members are updated on codes and other legislative activity weekly.


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