Making Southport More Beautiful

by May 16, 2024Online Exclusives, Southport Oak Island

West Virginia students help the Southport Beautification Committee with a community project at the water tower.

The Southport Beautification Committee welcomed the Wood County Christian School from Williamstown, West Virginia, on May 14 for a collaborative community beautification initiative.

Eighteen senior students from the school met the committee at its headquarters on the corner of Rhett and Nash streets. The focal point of the afternoon’s endeavor was the iconic Southport Water Tower, a beloved landmark that proudly showcases the city’s vibrant colors and capturing the admiration of locals and visitors.

Southport NC

Upon arrival, the participants received a warm welcome and a brief introduction to the project. The participants were divided into four groups, each led by a seasoned Beautification team leader, to paint the exterior and interior of the fence encircling the tower.

Southport NC Water Tower

The Southport Beautification Committee extends its heartfelt appreciation to the Wood County Christian School students for their enthusiastic participation in this meaningful community service endeavor and for helping enhance the aesthetic appeal of Southport while fostering a spirit of collaboration and civic pride.