Zumba: The Craze Comes to Leland

by Jan 27, 2016Brunswick County Life, Business, North Brunswick

Theresa Morgan fell in love with the rhythm and beat of big-city nightlife during her years living in New York and Massachusetts. You could often find her out on the town, dancing the night away to the vibrant sounds heard in clubs on every corner. But when Theresa relocated to Brunswick County with her husband, the slow pace of the South and the lack of diverse dance clubs sent her constantly moving hips right into hibernation.

It wasn’t long before Theresa began to desire the dancing, and crave the culture that once energized her. And because the Leland area was limited in the Latin dance arena, Theresa knew that she would have to bring her own beats if she wanted to continue with her hypnotic hobby.

Theresa began reading about Zumba, a new exercise craze that was swiftly spreading the nation.

With dance as a passion and an ever-present desire to stay fit, Theresa was interested in the Latin-inspired, high-energy dance style that claimed to both burn hundreds of calories and keep toes tapping to fast tempo tunes. So much so that she immersed herself in local classes and watched videos of the exercise fad online. It was immediately obvious: Theresa loved Zumba. She packed her bags and went straight to Asheville, N.C., in pursuit of a Zumba instructor certification. A few salsa steps and a Zumba Academy degree later, and Theresa headed home to lead her own Zumba classes.

Theresa now holds classes free of charge on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm, as well as Saturday mornings at 9:30 am, at the Reserve Clubhouse located in the residential community of Waterford in northern Brunswick County. During the one-hour session, participants tone their bodies while shaking their hips and moving their feet to contemporary Latin music, from salsa, merengue and cumbia, to samba, cha cha and reggaeton. Theresa keeps it spicy by adding new calorie-burning moves to a variety of slow and fast-paced tempos, including everything from body sculpting to belly dancing.

While the beats may be fast and furious and the moves thought to be done only by long-legged Latin beauties on “Dancing with the Stars,” beginners should not be intimidated. Zumba is an excellent exercise for everyone, no matter his or her skill level. Theresa has no formal dance training either, as she confesses, “I’m just a girl that loves to dance, loves rhythm and has got some hips.” Men and women of all ages frequent this rhythm-loving lady’s classes and have claimed big results from the exhilarating workout. From increased balance and flexibility to weight loss and relief from hot flashes, Theresa’s Zumba class helps bodies move easier, healthier and with more international zest in their step.

Every Zumba class is different, with each instructor adding his or her own freestyle flavor. Theresa’s classes tend to be more dance-based, minimal impact and easy to follow, keeping moves simple and participants sweaty.

With 40,000 locations worldwide teaching Zumba to more than five million participants each week, Zumba is big, and Brunswick County is now hip to the hip-shaking craze. And the local demand for Theresa’s classes is spreading just as fast as the international dance revolution itself. In addition to her free classes in Waterford, the Southern Shakira is also working with the Brunswick County Parks and Recreation Department to lead regular Zumba classes at Belville Elementary School beginning in January.

Calorie-burning, smile-inducing, hip-shaking, lifechanging. Theresa’s Zumba classes infuse international flavor into this Southern town, exposing locals to a little Latin and lot of sweat.

Theresa Morgan’s Zumba classes are held at Waterford on tuesdays and thursdays at 6:30 pm and on Saturdays at 9:30 am. this winter she will start teaching Zumba at Belville elementary School.

For more information, visit www.zumba.com or call theresa at (910) 232-1001.

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