You Get What You Pay For

by Jan 20, 2022Pub Scout, Restaurants, South Brunswick

And at Bistro 90 in Longs, what you pay for is delicious.

Though I was barely a teenager when I heard those immortal words on a Yuban Coffee TV commercial, John Arbuckle’s classic dictum has stayed with me, and it rang very true through every course of my recent dinner.

That memorable experience occurred at a place in Longs, South Carolina, at a place right on Highway 90 called — appropriately — Bistro 90. It came highly recommended by Tap Time owner Keith Berciunas, whose penchant for good food may be exceeded only by his penchant for good beer.

My doppelganger, Restaurant Impossible’s Robert Irvine, tells us that a restaurant reflects its owner in every detail. To my dismay, Bistro 90 owner Roland Sciotto was not on the premises this night, so I couldn’t get to chat with him about the place he opened up more than a decade ago. But if the decor, food and service are any indication, he must be a pretty classy guy.

We arrived at our table to find a handwritten Happy Birthday card for Eileen, as I had mentioned in my reservation that we would be celebrating such. It was a nice touch that augured well for the rest of the night.

An even nicer touch was Olivia, our gracious and personable server, whose appearance and demeanor radiated just as much class as the appealing artwork that adorn Bistro 90’s walls.

And Andrew, a managing partner, was as friendly and professional as you’d expect in an upscale place.

Bistro 9 SC

We settled in with menus after Olivia brought us wine and beer and informed us of the specials. Though we had all examined the menu online before we visited, we learned that those online prices were dated. And the “live” menu’s prices were somewhat higher.

But that’s when John Arbuckle whispered in my ear, “You get what you pay for.” The Fried Green Tomato and Fried Buffalo Calamari appetizers were pricier than most, but the consensus was that they were worth it and outstanding.

If a single homemade crab cake was going to cost $39, if a center-cut Chilean Sea Bass required $48, a Veal Marsala asked $32 and my 14 oz. NY Strip with extra au poivre topping rang in at $61, they all better be to die for.

Baked Fish Bistro 9 SC

And they were.

Raves all around, even from my missus, The Crab Cake Queen. And my USDA Prime NY Strip was succulent and done to medium-rare perfection. So delicious were our entrees, that when we ordered birthday desserts (Bananas Foster Cheesecake and a massive slice of Carrot Cake), we didn’t even bother to look at the cost, because we knew they’d be top shelf.

The dining room was relatively empty at 5:45 pm when we arrived, but it had filled up almost completely by the time we left. Seems like there were a lot of John Arbuckles in South Carolina this night.

Bistro 9 Steak SC

Though he’d love to, this retiree on a fixed income could not make Bistro 90 his go-to regular place, for sure. But for special occasions where quality is required, Bistro 90 is the place to be.

Because you’ll definitely get what you pay for. And you can relive the memories every day — for free.

Want to go?
Bistro 90
7209 SC Highway 90, Longs, SC
(843) 390-5151