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by Jan 10, 2023Fitness, North Brunswick

Fitness extraordinaires Willie Davis, Brandon Cala, and Kate Wolford bring a new full-service exercise facility, Eternal Fitness, to Leland.

The brain and brawn behind Leland’s 3 Dimensional Fitness, Willie Davis is set to open a second gym with two partners in Leland this month. While you might know his first facility for its personal training prowess, Eternal Fitness will be a one-stop shop for gym-goers of all levels and interests. As Eternal Fitness opens its doors, 3 Dimensional Fitness will dissolve to make way for its larger successor, a move that’s all part of the business plan, according to co-founder Brandon Cala.

Cala, who is a trainer at 3 Dimensional Fitness. teamed up with Davis to open up the gym.

“We started at 3 Dimensional and that’s how people know us, but now we’re growing into this brand-new thing,” explains Cala. “We knew that there were a lot of personal training places but they weren’t really full-sized gyms. We just wanted to bring something to Leland that it didn’t have.”

Patrons can find a slew of ways to stay in shape through various membership options, an array of private classes offered seven days a week, personal training, and certified nutrition counseling. And of course, the facility is equipped with free weights, machines, and cardio and functional equipment for patrons to exercise on their own.

To boot, Eternal Fitness will be the first fitness facility in Leland to offer childcare while parents sweat.

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Behind the variety of studio classes offered, find Kate Wolford of K Wolf Fitness, a NASM-certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, who has teamed up with Eternal Fitness to run all of the facility’s group fitness classes and meet with clients one-on-one for personal training sessions.

“I’m just so excited,” says Wolford of her partnership with Eternal Fitness. “I feel like there’s been a need and a desire for this to come to Leland — and as excited as Willie, Brandon and I are, the general public is really excited, too.”

“We’ll have a little bit for everyone, no matter if you’re a beginner, an athlete, or into CrossFit,” adds Cala. “We want to be a really close-knit community type of gym, somewhere where anyone can come and connect with someone.”

Beyond being passionate about staying active, Davis and Cala have earned their stripes to back up the bulk. Cala has a degree in exercise science and a certification as a strength and conditioning specialist, and Davis touts a personal training certification as well. Adding even more muscle to the operation, Eternal Fitness will be staffed with skilled fitness professionals providing quality services to its clientele.

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“We have a lot of really talented trainers that we’ve grabbed from different backgrounds and areas like Leland, Wilmington, and surrounding areas, and we’re going to have a solid team of trainers for classes, personal training and nutrition counseling,” Cala says. “We feel really committed and really confident in what we’re doing and what we’re going to be providing at our new place.”

They’re calling it the “the Leland locals’ gym. Eternal Fitness is founded with a philosophy to look at wellness as a whole, inclusive environment that welcomes anyone and everyone at any stage in their fitness journey.

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