William and Noreen Dalton – The Lakes at Brunswick Forest, Leland

by Jul 12, 2022North Brunswick, Real Estate

Meet the Daltons who relocated to Brunswick Forest because they wanted to live in a neighborhood that is active and full of outgoing people with their same interests.

Where did you live before relocating to Brunswick County and what were your jobs?
We lived in Pennsylvania, specifically Chester County, and Noreen was the manager of the nursing staff at a single-day surgery center. Bill was a senior instructor responsible for teaching staff the safe and reliable operation of a nuclear power plant.

Why did you choose to move to southeastern North Carolina and did you previously have friends or family here?
We have no family here, but we do have friends in the Myrtle Beach area. We moved here because the weather is great, and we wanted to challenge ourselves with moving away from the familiar as we embarked on retired life.

BNHRE Dalton Resident Showcase

How long have you lived here?
We moved down here in August of 2019, just about three years ago. We rented for about eight months while our new home was being constructed.

What community did you decide to move to and why?
We moved to The Lakes at Brunswick Forest because the neighborhood is active and full of outgoing people with our same interests.

Who built your home and why did you decide to build with them?
Trusst Builders constructed our home. We choose them over several of the popular builders because of the great home products and the concept of “what you see is what you get.” By that I mean when you look at the model homes, there are no upgrades. You can get upgrades, of course, but you understand up front what you are buying when you are quoted a price. Additionally, when your house is complete, Trusst gives you a listing of all the contractors who have worked on your home for future reference. Lastly, the quality of the home. Sure, there have been a few minor issues, which were rectified in a timely manner, but overall, the house is great and worth the money we paid for it.

Resident Showcase BNHRE 2022 Dalton

What are your jobs or hobbies here?
Noreen is active in a book club, ladies’ golf and pickleball. Bill is the president of The Lakes Home Owners Association Board of Directors and has organized the men’s golf group for The Lakes called the LOADs (Lakes Old & Aging Duffers).

What’s your favorite thing about southeastern North Carolina?
Without a doubt, it’s the people. As I stated earlier, they share the same interests and are outgoing and amazingly friendly. Since we moved to our new home in April of 2020, my wife and a neighbor started the Cocktails in the Cove, a monthly get together for all the homeowners in The Lakes. It’s held in Badin Lake Cove, and everyone brings their lawn chairs, favorite beverage and a covered dish. We don name tags and meet and great with old and new neighbors. It started out with nine or 10 neighbors two years ago and has grown to about 70 to 80 neighbors as the development has grown. We couldn’t think of a better place to live. By the way, did we mention the weather?

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