What’s Old is New

by Jan 27, 2020Business, Food & Drink, Restaurants, South Brunswick

The new owners of Moore Street Market Café and Deli remake a Southport favorite.

In the 14 months that husband and wife Andrew Laing and Bridget Reichhart have owned Moore Street Market Café and Deli, they have come up with several innovative ideas to make a good café and deli even better.

First of all, they have a novel way to encourage all of us to clean up the town and the beach. Simply stop in their store in Southport and ask for one of their trash buckets. Then walk around town or go to the beach and fill it up with discarded plastics, trash and other litter and return it to the store. You will be thanked with a free cup of coffee.

When Barbara Carey was there for breakfast one day she was intrigued by the idea, so took a bucket and walked along Waterfront Park, where she picked up several cigarette butts and candy wrappers. “I think this is a great idea,” she says.



Andrew and Bridget have been promoting environmental awareness ever since they bought Moore Street Market last summer. They were the first store to carry the locally manufactured Sea Glass Designs glass straws, and they still sell a lot of them. More recently they replaced all of their Styrofoam carry-out containers with ones made out of a biodegradable material.

They have made other changes to the store as well. One is to alter the name, which has always been a misnomer. It is not now, nor has it ever been, a market. It is a coffee shop and deli that serves an extensive choice of breakfast and lunch sandwiches and salads, along with a great selection of coffee and tea. So, the name is now Moore Street Market Café and Deli.

In keeping with the new name and their emphasis on improving the environment, they spruced up the yard, adding a courtyard where their customers can enjoy having breakfast or lunch outside. On Sundays customers are treated to Mimosas and Music from 12 to 2 p.m.

If you don’t have time to eat there, they now offer online ordering and payment for quick pick-up. Their golf cart, which they refer to as their “mobile billboard,” advertises that you can order online and they will deliver; however, delivery service isn’t available quite yet as they are still waiting for approvals. For another option, you can stop in, grab a Grab ‘n’ Go sandwich and take it with you.


It’s worth a trip to the store just to see the historic building. It was built before the Civil War, and, according to Andrew, was probably located somewhere else first and then moved to its present site at 130 E. Moore Street in Southport. There are three wonderfully decorated rooms upstairs with paintings, prints, photos and period artifacts and one larger room downstairs. They have free WiFi and encourage their customers to stay and enjoy the atmosphere while they do their work.

This store is exactly what Bridget and Andrew dreamed of having when they retired. They were living in Boston; he was a tennis coach for a division one school and she was a stay-at-home mom after having been a school guidance counselor for years. One evening while Bridget was putting their 4-year-old daughter and not quite 2-year-old son to bed, Andrew was surfing the Internet looking for a good real estate investment. He found Moore Street Market in a town called Southport, which neither of them had ever heard of. But they both grew up in a small town and knew that is what they wanted for their children. So, they put a deposit on the place, sight unseen. And that day their retirement dream became a reality, about 30 years before they had planned on it.

For Bridget and Andrew, it’s all about creating a community feel, a gathering place for the locals as well as visitors, a place where everyone becomes a friend. And that is exactly what Moore Street Market Café and Deli has become.

Moore Street Market Café and Deli
130 E. Moore Street, Southport
(910) 363-4203