What would YOU do?

by Jul 22, 2020North Brunswick

You wake up in the morning, get yourself a healthy breakfast, and sit down to check in on the daily news of our world.

Even after leaving the workforce, our days and our lives still find a way to develop some element of routine or predictability. You lean on a few established activities or events that you enjoy participating in regularly and sprinkle in new activities or hobbies as the pique your interest to keep your days interesting.

However, we all have times in our lives when we are thrown a curveball (often in the form of a phone call) that we never would’ve planned into our day. Unexpected situations such as someone you love becoming injured or diagnosed with a serious illness, trouble with your health, or even sudden, significant home or property repairs.

No matter how many routines or plans we try to make, life always finds its way back to natural unpredictability. These are the moments that our clients are glad to have an advisor by their side. Some situations may not seem to have an immediate monetary impact but may have lasting, unforeseen implications in the future. These are implications that a trained, experienced professional advising your family can help you identify and plan for in advance.

Without someone you feel comfortable reaching out to who can be clear-headed and objective during these times, it can be challenging to feel secure or know how to move forward confidently. We care deeply for our clients while also retaining the ability to be objective in our mission to help protect their families’ legacy. Having an advisor means having a confidant that you can trust to help guide you and walk with you down the winding roads of life and retirement.


As surprising as it may seem, the number one most common question we receive from our clients has nothing to do with finance, portfolios, or investing. It is merely ‘what would you do’?

Our clients (and occasionally their friends or family) are merely seeking counsel, understanding, and security in a plan to move forward. Often if they are not our clients directly, they asked this question of their professional, and they didn’t feel confident or supported in the response and service they received.

We believe in creating comprehensive plans for our clients that already take these potential situations into account, and map out their next steps forward clearly in writing and in advance. We often hear about the reassurance they feel knowing they can refer to their Signature Life Plan for answers and action steps created uniquely and individually for their family.

Our clients don’t have to sit anxiously by the phone waiting for us to open to ask ‘what would we do?’, they have a written plan they can refer to know how we decided before this emotional time how they would progress forward.

Whether you are a current client of ours, have an advisor, or need an advisor, we’re doing virtual planning sessions, please get in touch with us to get you set up for yours.

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