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LIT Nutrition is building a healthier Leland through with nutritional products and health coaching.

Rolanda and Manny Pacheco can help you meet your healthy-weight goals, improve your digestive health, boost your immune system, look after your heart health, age gracefully and even sleep and relax better. No, they aren’t doctors; they are your neighborhood purveyors of delicious, nutritional shakes and teas served up at LIT Nutrition Smoothie & Juice Bar.

In the Waterford Shopping Center in Leland, LIT Nutrition provides a healthy meal replacement for those who want a fast food that actually benefits their health.
“We opened our doors on December 8, 2018, with the mission to create a community of positive, healthy and active people by educating them about wellness and helping them create a healthier lifestyle through great nutrition,” Rolanda says.

Their drinks aren’t just nutritious, they’re meant to taste great and be satisfying. Protein shakes often have a reputation for having a chalky aftertaste, but not these. Using great-tasting, plant-based Herbalife as ingredients, LIT Nutrition serves flavors like peanut butter cup, chocolate cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate death, cinnamon toast crunch, cookies and cream and brownie batter, and they taste just like they sound. In total, they have 50 different shake flavors to choose from.

Leland NC Lit Nutrition Owners

“Each shake is only 220 calories with 24 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbs and 24 essential nutrients,” Manny says.

The inspiration for LIT Nutrition came from Rolanda’s own weight-loss journey she began five years ago. She began using Herbalife products and lost nearly 40 pounds in just a few months. Herbalife’s plant-based nutrition products have been on the market since 1980, and according to Rolanda, “They help people get the right balance of healthy nutrition.” She is a Herbalife distributor.

Research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association has proven that diets higher in plant foods and lower in animal foods are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in a general population. Also, proper nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins and water enable the body to function properly. Customers get all that and more in the shakes at LIT Nutrition.

It’s not just shakes that LIT Nutrition serves. They also serve protein coffee and energizing teas like green pomegranate and a mixture of orange pekoe and green tea.
“We have other specialty drinks, Mega LITs with flavors like Aqua Storm, Island Breeze and Kentucky Sidecar,” Manny says.

They also have a selection of protein bars and healthy products that help with healthy weight, digestive health, sleep and relaxation, immune support, heart health, healthy again, men’s and women’s health, children’s health, energy and fitness, and skin and hair care.

LIT Nutrition is a good solution for busy people on the go when there sometimes isn’t enough time between meetings or appointments to grab a healthy, satisfying lunch. Instead of hitting a drive-thru for an unhealthy option, their meal-replacement shakes, which are nutrient dense with vitamins and minerals, have a low glycemic index and promote lean body mass. Customers can call ahead so it’s ready when they get there for pick up.

LIT Nutrition is more than a local smoothie and juice bar. Manny and Rolanda are truly passionate about helping people live healthy, happy and balanced lives. They provide wellness coaching, weight-management coaching, sports nutrition, free body analysis and a free wellness profile.

“We can help guide you on what might be a successful wellness journey,” Manny says.

People come for the shakes and teas, but they also come for the customer service. When it comes to making sure their customers feel valued, it’s all about providing a positive atmosphere, Manny says.

Lit Nutrition Leland NC Shakes

“It’s our priority, and we put it before the business,” he says. “It’s not about a lot of money, it’s about making a lot of healthy people. Truly, our customers are an extension of our family.”

Rolanda adds, “Together with building strong relationships, we can make a positive impact in all of those around us. We’re impacting our community one person at a time.”

Many of their regular customers don’t even have to tell Manny or Rolanda what they want. It’s simply, “Give me the usual.”

Fortunately, LIT Nutrition is deemed an essential business and did not have to endure a prolonged shutdown; although like most businesses, they had to change the way they do business, including adding curbside service and grab-and-go options. LIT Nutrition’s business actually grew during the pandemic. “I think people were looking for something other than the usual, and they are trying to be healthier now,” Manny says.

Want to try it?
LIT Nutrition
511 Old Waterford Way, Suite 103, Leland
(910) 408-1636
Facebook @litnutritionilm
They offer discounts to military, veterans and first responders.

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