We Are Gathered Here Today – With 10 People or Less

by Apr 6, 2020North Brunswick, Online Exclusives

Livingston Creek Farms’ Tiny Weddings are the perfect solution for getting married in these times of social distancing.

Imagine all the beautiful weddings planned for the glorious arrival of spring. Then enter COVID-19. With social distancing limiting us to 10 or less in a group setting how could anyone still have a memorable wedding? This is where our friends at Livingston Creek Farms have created a nice niche for small weddings.

Located on Highway 74/76 just over the Brunswick County line in Columbus County, Danny and Yolanda Graham have created a perfect spot for what they call Tiny Weddings. They have renovated a century-old farmhouse into a charming home they call “Tressie’s.” Here is where you can have a beautiful wedding for a fraction of the cost normally associated with a wedding.


It all began back when Danny, a former marine and master gardener, and Yolanda, a former engineering manager, decided to start their own farm. Having grown up on a farm, it was second nature to Danny. They have expanded over the years to more than 100 acres of property on which they sell produce and fresh seafood and raise a variety of farm animals. When I went out to visit, I experienced the charm of their farm — in fact, they call it “Our Corner of God’s Country!”

The Grahams recently had the idea of turning part of Tressie’s farmhouse into a small wedding venue. With a maximum of 10 people for each ceremony, a Tiny Wedding includes everything a couple could ask for in this setting — a wedding coordinator, an officiant, a photographer, all decorations, a bouquet and even a wedding cake! You can also choose to have the ceremony outside and take an old-fashioned wagon ride around the farm.


In these days of social distancing and cancelled public events, this is a perfect way to still have a beautiful and memorable wedding. All the wedding party has to do is show up! The Grahams are very warm and welcoming people and are looking forward to helping you celebrate your new union.

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