Vision, Fuel and Support

by Jul 15, 2019North Brunswick

Elevate Training focuses on these three concepts to help their clients reach real results. 

Willie Davis, owner of Elevate Training Leland, has witnessed his business grow tremendously over the last couple of years. 

“We’ve upgraded to a larger facility, upgraded equipment and added an additional trainer, Olivia Femia,” Davis says. 

Elevate has found success in Leland by sticking to its motto of Vision, Fuel and Support. Before any client begins training, they are asked to write down their vision of where they see themselves fitness-wise in the near future. All visions are written on the vision wall, which everyone sees as soon as they walk in the door.

For fuel, Elevate provides clients with a protein shake, a protein bar and/or a meal from their partners at Clean Eatz. “We take every avenue to provide our clients with every opportunity to eat healthier,” Davis says. “And we try to eliminate any confusion about what and how to eat.” 

Those who are already a part of the Elevate family would describe their experience as family-oriented, friendly, relaxed but tough and fun with no judgement. Lines of communication are always open at Elevate, and this ensures that all clients are getting the support they need. 

“We are always open to answer questions from our clients via text, email, phone calls and through social media,” Davis says. “We also have all of our clients on our online VFS training app. So when our clients are away, we can send them workouts and track them on our app.”

Born and raised in Leland, Davis wouldn’t trade being a homegrown small business owner in Brunswick County for the world. 

“Whether you know the clients personally from the area, grew up with them in school or just met them by association, Leland is a small, tight-knit community, so you tend to feel more comfortable knowing that most of the residents here share your values,” Davis says.

He says his absolute favorite part of his job is “raising the weight, increasing the reps and then watching a client still perform the same exercise. It’s growth.”

Being 40 years old motivates Davis to stay fit. He wakes up every morning shortly after 4 am and gets ready to attack the day. He enjoys slowing the aging process by focusing on his personal fitness and helping others do the same.

Davis hopes to expand Elevate Leland more in the future. 

“I hope to move into an even larger facility and to have at least 10 trainers working at this location,” he says.

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