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Gary LeFevre’s new bike shop in Calabash offers repairs, rentals and sales.

A great new bike shop is open on Beach Drive in Calabash. Owner Gary LeFevre says that since opening LeFevre Bikes on November 5, 2022, he’s been extremely busy.

“I figured the business would be a mix of new purchases, bicycle rentals and repairs, but there have been more customers asking for bike repairs than I expected,” LeFevre says. “And some of them have very interesting stories to tell.”

One woman came in saying she wanted her bicycle fixed — for practical reasons and for sentimental reasons, too. Her bike was 60 years old and it needed a good tune-up. She was given the bike as a girl and would ride to and from school on it with a basket on the back that held her books. Years have passed, but now that she has more time to ride it, she wants to do so.

“We fixed it for her and she was so pleased,” LeFevre says.

LeFevre Bikes Calabash NC

LeFevre, originally from Maryland, worked full-time as a commercial and residential real estate developer, property manager and Realtor in northern Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Kelly, moved to Brunswick County almost five years ago and when he thought about new business ventures, the idea of opening his own bicycle shop always was in the back of his mind.

With the summer 2023 season approaching, LeFevre estimates that sales of new bicycles will account for about 50 percent of his business, daily and weekly bike rentals will account for 20 percent and bike repairs will represent 30 percent.

“I’m already seeing a lot of customers in southeastern Brunswick County who are in their 70s and want to take up bicycling again because they’ve always loved to bike ride as kids,” LeFevre says. “It’s great exercise and a great way to see the world around us.”

LeFevre Bikes also offers safe and secure adult tricycles for people who may not be as steady as they once were on a two-wheeled bicycle. They also have an assortment of children’s bikes including red Radio Flyer tricycles.

Customers can not only choose a bicycle, but can also accessorize their bike riding experience. LeFevre Bikes has helmets, streamers, bells, mirrors, bags, water bottles and more for sale.

LeFevre Bike Shop Calabash NC

The adult bikes, which are 26 inches tall, are made by Worksman Cycles in Conway, South Carolina.

“Founded in 1898 in New York City, Worksman Cycles are more durable than your typical bike,” LeFevre says. “Most importantly, they are made in America!”
With their heavy-duty tires and tubes, sturdy chains, alloy rims and frames powder coated with paint, they’re built to last. The spokes are stainless steel.

“I want our customers to have quality bikes that can stand the test of this climate with its salty air, sand and humidity,” LeFevre says.

Deliveries for the new American-made bicycles arrive within a month or so because the manufacturer is about 30 miles away from LeFevre Bikes in Calabash.

Customers like the fact that LeFevre and his staff pick up bikes for repair and deliver them back to customers when they’re ready.

“We phone them to say their bike is all set, and they’re always delighted to hear that it’s in tip-top shape,” LeFevre says. “This personalized service is what customers around here want.”

Bike Shop LeFevre Calabash NC

For new purchases you can stop in the shop and try a few bikes by riding them around the parking lot. LeFevre will adjust the handlebars, seats and mirrors to suit the rider. After placing their orders, they deliver them right to your home.

“You don’t get that type of attention at the big-box stores,” LeFevre says. “You don’t get that every place you go. Our customers know that we stand behind our quality American products and that’s what I’m most proud of.”

Want to go?
LeFevre Bikes
10195 Beach Drive SW, Calabash
(910) 575-0509
Facebook: LeFevre Bikes

Open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm