Treats Galore

by May 24, 2022Business, Restaurants, South Brunswick

Treat yourself at Calabash Sweets and Ice Cream.

Summertime is ice cream time, so Calabash business owner Simon Dadush decided that a candy and ice cream store on Beach Drive would appeal to families and visitors.

Dadush, 31, says his family has owned the building at 9936 Beach Drive for almost three decades. He closed Sand Beachwear, a t-shirt and souvenir shop they had run there for 26 years, renovated the building and opened Calabash Sweets and Ice Cream in June 2021.

“We’re a hopping place especially on bright, sunny days when people like to go for walks, enjoy the beautiful scenery in Calabash, and stop in for some candy and ice cream,” Dadush says. “Whether it’s a holiday, a weekend, vacation time or just a day out, we’re all about having family fun. That’s our top priority.”

Dadush, a North Myrtle Beach native who is married and has two children, employs 10 full-time people at Calabash Sweets and Ice Cream in the summer and five full-time people during the winter months.

“I’ve found that most of my summer employees are high school students who want to enjoy the fun and excitement of working in a candy and ice cream shop and also adults who are getting closer to their retirement years but they want to stay active,” Dadush says.

For the younger kids, Dadush hopes that having this job will help impress upon them the benefits of working when they’re not in school and also that they will find a sense of pride and respect that comes from having a job.

He teaches them to be professional while working in a fun, light-hearted atmosphere alongside co-workers who also conduct themselves in a professional way and have a lot of fun while serving adults and kids alike.

“We tell the kids to greet the customers with a warm welcome and a smile, to ask what they can help them with and to not take out their cell phones and use them for personal reasons,” he says. “We tell them to be prompt for work and look sharp in their uniform, which for us is a t-shirt with our logo on it and slacks or shorts.”

Calabash Sweets & Ice Cream

Dadush and the shift manager show the young employees how things are done. They stress the importance of learning these fundamentals of business, whether they’re working in a boutique, an ice cream shop or a tech company.

“I remember how important my first full-time job as a cashier/salesman was and how it gave me a glimpse into the real everyday work world,” Dadush says. “Until you get that first full-time job you can only imagine what responsibilities are involved. It’s one of those becoming-an-adult things that each person has to experience for themselves.”

Dadush has continued to renovate the building by adding a deck out back for customers to enjoy while eating their desserts and snacks. He has also improved the landscaping and changed the signage to attract customers who may be driving by.

Inside the store the candy is temptingly lined up in attractive cases. The colors are bright and bold, and the candy and ice cream treats are sure to satisfy any person’s sweet tooth.

Sweets and Ice Cream Calabash NC

“After having a meal or doing some errands in town, stopping here for a cool treat is a great way to go,” Dadush says.

The most popular candies sold at Calabash Sweets and Ice Cream, Dadush says, are licorice and taffy. Banana splits and ice cream cones are as popular as ever, with the favorite ice cream flavor being butter pecan. “It’s always butter pecan,” Dadush says with a smile.

Want to go?
Calabash Sweets and Ice Cream
9936 Beach Drive SW, Calabash
(910) 579-3444
Hours are Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm and Saturdays until 10 pm