To Tell or Not to Tell

by Nov 28, 2022Pub Scout, Restaurants, South Brunswick

The PubScout reluctantly professes his love for 59 Causeway Grill.

I am somewhat loathe to post this review. Not because the place is not worth your time or your money, either. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

My MO has always been to give good places positive publicity so more of our readers can enjoy them. If I visit a place that isn’t up to snuff, it never sees my keystrokes.

But with this one, I’m afraid. Very afraid.

Because I want to keep this one to myself. I don’t want it to become a “Yogi Berra place”… you know, when the Yankees’ great told his mates after a game he didn’t want to go to a certain bar because “Nobody goes there anymore — it’s too crowded.”

OIB NC Causeway Grill

And while that would be great for 59 Causeway Grill in OIB, it might not be so good for me. Because if I have to wait more than two minutes for a Sausage Egg and Cheese on an Asiago Bagel, or worse — if I can’t get in because it’s too crowded, I will not be a happy camper.

Look, I love where I live in OIB. It has many good places at which to quaff and dine, the weather allows me a 12-month motorcycle riding season, and 99.9% of the folks here are good folks. (The 1% is the guy who gets in front of me at 59 Causeway Grill and eats the last Asiago bagel, made at 3:30 am).

The missus and I were returning from a morning Costco run to MYR, and she suggested stopping into 59 Causeway Grill. It’s in the same place as Sharky’s and the Ocean Isle Fishing Center, both places that do a land office business in season — and probably off-season as well. We walked in around noon, and the place was empty, save for owner Davis, co-owner Berkeley and other staff.

Causeway Grill OIB NC

The missus ordered a grilled cheese that came with a salad, and I got the sausage, egg and cheese on the Asiago bagel and a coffee. We waited out on the back deck, which overlooks the water, docks and massive homes across the marsh. The morning chill had left, and the sun warmed us nicely. We saw colorful Adirondack lawn chairs on the lawn below us, which is where folks come to sit and listen to the entertainment 59 has out on the deck.

A line from Macbeth came immediately to mind: King Duncan (soon to be, um, deposed), says, “This castle hath a pleasant seat.”

It also hath a pleasant beer list, usually set in place by Larry Alderson, the third owner, though Berkeley and Davis often provide input.

The missus, who raves like a maniac when she’s pleased (and sometimes when she’s not) declared that her food was “really outstandingly good.” For my part, my sausage, egg and cheese bagel was simply the best I’ve had anywhere — including in the Bagel Capitals of NY and NJ.

Causeway Grill Ocean Isle Beach NC

Davis also delivered delicious coffee, served in an oversized cup that was closer to a bucket. He also advised that Thursday nights are special at 59 Causeway Grill, as they serve chicken or beef tacos for just $2 apiece. The place usually gets pretty crowded, he allowed.

Good for them. The PubScout wants to see a great local OIB place like this packed and doing well.

Just not when he shows up for breakfast.

By all means, check out 59 Causeway Grill. But save me a space in line.

Want to go?
59 Causeway Grill
59 Causeway Drive, Ocean Isle Beach
(910) 933-8802