Like many in this economy, Andrew and Ann Marie Parker are in a holding pattern. Their current house in New York is on the market, and a new dream home is waiting in Brunswick County.

“As soon as we can sell our house, we’re moving,” says an eager Ann Marie. “But, until then, we will visit as often as we can. Holidays, long weekends, you name it.”

The Parkers are native New Yorkers with their sights set on a slower-paced way of life.

“A simpler life,” says Ann Marie. “That’s what we’re looking forward to. And getting away from the winters up here will be great too.”

The Parkers were introduced to Brunswick County by Ann Marie’s childhood friend Nikki and her husband, Bobby. Nikki and Bobby attended a Live South trade show nearly two years ago during their own search for a new home.

“They’re the ones that told us about Brunswick County and all of its neat communities,” recalls Ann Marie.

The Parkers’ interest was piqued, and they planned a visit. They visited several local communities, but they fell in love with Compass Pointe.

“There was just something about it,” says Ann Marie. “We loved the feeling we got when we drove in the community.”

Keep in mind that, at the time of the Parkers’ visit two years ago, Compass Pointe was nowhere near the stage of development that it is today.

“At this point there wasn’t much,” says Ann Marie, “but the models were gorgeous, the resort feeling was there and, of course, there was the promise of what it would look like in the future.”

The person responsible for painting the picture of the community’s future was the Parkers’ onsite agent, K. C. Billings.

“He was outrageous,” says Ann Marie. “He wasn’t high-pressure; he gave us all of the information that we wanted and he explained to us so vividly how it was going to look in the next two to five years. We trusted him, so we went on that trust and went for it.”

The Parkers bought a waterfront lot in Compass Pointe that weekend.

“The lot was perfect,” says Ann Marie with a dreamy smile. “We were so worried that we’d lose it if we waited, so we went for it. It is on the water and has a small waterway through the back. It’s a nice lot, a wonderful view, and, one day, it will have the golf course right across the way. When we first went down we weren’t expecting we’d come home with a lot. But it sold itself.”

The Parkers began building their new home in May 2011. They selected the spacious Valencia floor plan featured in Compass Pointe’s Tropics Collection. The two-story home boasts more than 3,000 square feet with three bedrooms, two baths and a media room on the first floor and a bonus room and bath on the second floor.

“I loved the openness of it,” says Ann Marie. “My favorite is the large glass doors that lead onto the screened porch. We adjusted the plan a little bit to make this area bigger because we loved it so much.”

When asked what she most looks forward to about moving to the community, Ann Marie had a hard time choosing just one feature.

“I love the resort feeling,” she says. “I am very pleased that we’ll be in a gated community, I love having beaches in every direction, and I love being just a short drive to Myrtle Beach and an even shorter drive to historic Wilmington. Ask my husband though? He’d say ‘the palm trees.’ He loves the palm trees.”

Another major selling point for Ann Marie is the people who she will soon call neighbors.

“I have met a lot of people there already and everyone seems very nice,” she says. “We’ve met people who live there now and people who will live there soon. And what we’re really excited about is that Nikki and Bobby ended up buying a lot too. They will be moving there soon as well. Oh, and I just found out this week that my uncle’s niece is buying a lot there. It’s a small world, you know?”

The Parkers are working hard to make their soon-to-be resort world even smaller. The couple brought two more couples to see Compass Pointe during a discovery package weekend at the end of August.

“It would be so funny if we all lived there,” laughs Ann Marie. “I’m the first in my family to make the move from the North. I hope that when family comes to visit, they will fall in love and follow me down. I’m hoping to have a lot of people follow me.”

From being surrounded by good friends and family to enjoying the peaceful water view and palm trees from their screened porch, the Parkers’ main goal is clear: to simplify their life.

Andrew, who currently manages a 20-story commercial building in Manhattan, hopes to find a job that allows him to slow down a bit. And Ann Marie, who playfully calls herself a “domestic engineer” for her family of eight, will carry on her duties but hopefully have time to, as she puts it, “work a little less hard.”

“I have this feeling that it will be like being on vacation for the rest of my life,” says Ann Marie with a smile stretched sweetly across her face. “That’s a different feeling than what you get in New York. It’s a good feeling.”