The Odyssey of Destiny Films in Sunset Beach

by Jan 3, 2017Art & Culture, South Brunswick

Did you know that Sunset Beach plays a role in a new independent film?

In December 2014 Hoover Studios, LLC, of Aiken, SC, shot a film under the guidance of studio owner Brent Hoover. It was completed after just two weeks of filming in Sunset Beach and on Bird Island, with the Kindred Spirit Mailbox playing a critical role.
The film is aptly titled “The Odyssey of Destiny.” The journey to creating the film was indeed a personal odyssey for Hoover as the writer, director, producer and composer.

More than 20 years ago Hoover made his first visit to Sunset Beach with his family for a vacation, which became an annual event. He began composing the story for the film in middle school, 13 years after that first visit. At that time Sunset Beach was a rather desolate area without commercial areas and tourist traffic, and in Hoover’s mind it was the perfect setting for the theme of the story that would eventually become a film. Hoover never wavered from his vision, and the film reflects his passion and inspiration.

“I consider Sunset to be my muse,” he says. “The island has always captivated my imagination and relaxed my soul. Sunset will also remain my ‘home away from home.’”

The result is a memorable and exciting film that will inspire you and remain with you.

“The Odyssey of Destiny” is set at the end of a brutal war, and the main character, Christian, is a renegade soldier who is the sole survivor of his men. An international union is in power under control of the magistrate. Christian decides he must ensure the survival of his people and his soul mate, Jen, who is trying to save the children. He enters the world of good and evil via the dramatic nature of humanity. The film depicts the cycles that human civilizations have endured and at the same time highlights real world issues currently on front pages, such as child soldiers, war and dictatorships.

The list of complimentary reviews is long, from such reviewers as Indyred, Unsung Films, Fraking Films, The Independent Critic, Diamond In The Rough and The Film Philosopher. Comments include:
-“ambitious and entertaining”
-“surprises you at every turn”
-“Hoover remains faithful to his bold vision and creates a film that transcends its limitations with relentless integrity”
-“imaginative, engaging and well produced film”
-“a rare gem”
-“As far as Indie films go, “Odyssey of Destiny” may well be one of the most ambitious and epic in scope that I have ever had the chance to experience.”

Film festival awards include Global Music Awards, Indie Fest, South Carolina Cultural Film Festival, Global Film Competition, North Carolina Film Award and Audience Choice Winner – International Film Festival at Gwinnett Center.

Hoover is currently utilizing the knowledge he gained from completing the film to teach Macroeconomics at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

The film and original musical soundtrack are both available on DVD from Amazon and CreateSpace. The official movie novelization, a unique reading experience, is also available. The film’s website is

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