The Need for Speed

by Oct 25, 2023Kids, South Brunswick

Meet Silas Moy, a 5-year-old go-cart phenom from Shallotte.

Whether he is steering go-karts around a twisting track at 30 to 40 miles an hour or zooming on his electric power wheels motorcycle, if it has a steering mechanism and an engine or battery, 5-year-old Silas Moy is in his element.

Silas, a Shallotte preschooler, started racing go-carts competitively in 2023 at Southern Kartway in Loris, South Carolina. He races in the 5 to 8 age group and already has some wins under his belt. His first official race was on May 1, 2023.

Go Cart Racing Silas Moy

“Sometimes he’s the only one in his age group, so it might just be him on the track by himself, which he doesn’t care, he just loves to ride,” says Sonny Moy, Silas’s dad. “Everyone else that he’s raced against has been 7, a first or second grader, which is a big difference compared to a 5 year old.”

Silas’ fascination for cars came early in the form of Hot Wheels diecast toy cars. His parents would reward him with a new car for good behavior. And his love for riding began when he was a baby.

Sonny has a go-cart and a dirt bike, and he would ride with Silas in the backyard. At the young age of 2, Silas started driving himself in a souped-up Power Wheels jeep. It was when he turned 4 that he got his first go-cart as a Christmas present.

Not only does riding provide an opportunity for Silas and his dad to bond — they try to ride every evening when it is not raining — but it has also given Silas a boost of confidence.

Silas Moy Brunswick NC

Since his parents began filming Silas riding and posting the videos online, the young rider has become somewhat of a viral sensation, amassing quite the following from around the globe: 91,000 Instagram followers and 46,000 TikTok followers.

“Silas is very competitive, but he is really shy,” Sonny says. “When he first meets you, he won’t talk to you for the first 15 minutes, but put him behind a go-cart and he comes to life. Racing helps build his confidence. When people come up to him and talk to him about his videos, it helps him break out of his shell. He makes him feel like he is special and it helps build his confidence. That makes all this worth it.”

Going viral has led to some major perks for Silas. He received an electric Power Wheels motorcycle from Power Wheels Kids, a new go kart from Coleman Powersports, a racing clutch for his racing go-cart from OMB Warehouse, a new tool box full of tools from BoxoTools and an apparel from Go Fast Don’t Die.

“When he promotes the things that he gets on Instagram or TikTok, it can help these manufacturers sell products,” Sonny says. “And the more followers he gets, the easier it is for him to get sponsorships. This can help further fund his interest in racing if that’s something that he wants to continue to do as he gets older. The types of go-carts you need to race can cost as much as 10 to 20 thousand dollars. Sponsorships would definitely help cut costs down.”

Racecar Driver Silas Moy

Whether or not Silas has a future in racing, especially on the national circuit, is completely up to him. Both Sonny and his wife, Sarah, are completely supportive of their son’s interest in driving and racing but say there has never been a moment when they have told him it is something he needs to do. “It’s all him pushing us to let him do these things,” Sonny says.

A single race day is approximately a 12-hour commitment. The family gets to the track early and gets Silas geared up with his helmet, suit, rib protectors, gloves, neck braces and shoes. They do some practice laps, then they get their starting positions for the race.

“Even if he does just one race a month, that’s a long commitment on race days,” Sonny says. “We don’t want him to burn out at just 5 years old.”

That is something that Sarah maybe worried about early on — that, and getting hurt. But she saw that Silas had talent and that it was something he enjoyed, so she is a very supportive mom. “But she still has a hard time watching him race,” Sonny says.

Silas Moy and Family

Sarah and Sonny may also have another young thrill seeker on their hands. Little sister Sadie can also be seen riding with her brother on the back of his Power Wheels motorcycle in some of the videos posted on Silas’s social media pages.

“Sadie is the confident, fearless one,” Sonny says. “She’ll ride along with anything Silas is on. Right now, she is not driving; she just likes tagging along for the ride … at least for now.”

Follow Along
If you want to check out Silas as he shreds his backyard track or races at Southern Kartway, you can follow him on Instagram and TikTok at the username @tyrannosilas_rex.

Photography by Megan Deitz