Thank God the Tiki Bar is Open

by Apr 29, 2024Around Town, South Brunswick

Captain Jeremy Timco takes patrons on a tropical ride to remember as they cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway with Cruisin’ Tikis at Holden Beach.

“Thank God the Tiki Bar is open; Thank God the Tiki torch still shines.

Thank God the Tiki Bar is open, come on in and open up your mind!”

This classic Jimmy Buffett tune is playing in my head as I walk along the dock with my husband and our friends toward the 16-foot-wide floating tiki bar at Holden Beach.

Jeremy and Jennifer Timco are the owners of Cruisin’ Tikis as well as the Holden Beach RV Campground. They opened the tiki bar in 2019, and Captain Jeremy has been cruising the waters ever since. His motorized tiki bar can accommodate up to six people comfortably and travels at a top speed of 4 miles per hour.

Holden Beach NC Floating Tiki Bar

Captain Jeremy greets us with a conch shell in hand. He raises it to his lips and blows, signaling to nearby onlookers that the tiki bar is welcoming new passengers. He helps us aboard, gives the ladies a flower for their hair and the gents a lei around their necks, and offers to take a group photo to mark the beginning of the unique voyage that lies ahead.

After some brief safety reminders, our captain pulls away from the dock at Provision Company Restaurant and spins the tiki bar into action. As we head east on the Intracoastal Waterway and pass under the causeway that leads to the beach, he tells us what inspired him to become the owner of a floating tiki bar.

“My family spent some time in Hawaii, and we got involved with the local culture and really loved the tropical vibe,” he says. “We decided to bring it to Holden Beach. We want you to have fun and make a lasting memory.”

Crusin' Tikis Bar Holden Beach NC

As we float along, Captain Jeremy is quick to point out the fresh fish shops, fishing vessels and other shanties that adorn the banks along the way.

“The huge crane you see at the marina is the one used to lift the tiki bar out of the water when it needs an oil change,” he says as he laughs.

We continue our journey, enjoying drinks and munching on snacks that we brought while listening to tropical tunes. Captain Jeremy tells us a bit about the history of Holden Beach and its founder, Benjamin Holden. He points out the original Holden family estate and surrounding property on the north side of the waterway.

Captain Jeremy is knowledgeable about the area and eager to make our tropical experience a memorable one.

“We have lived in Brunswick County for 25 years and we have a passion for hospitality,” he says, “We have always been driven to provide opportunities for spending time together with family and friends.”

As we arrive at the east end of Holden Beach, the west end of Oak Island comes into view. Dolphin and sea turtles can be spotted swimming in the water between the two islands.

Holden Beach Crusin' Tikis

The tiki bar pulls up to the sandy shore, and we get out to explore and splash in the water. There are other visitors in the water and walking along the beach. Some are there for the day and some, like us, are just stopping by to explore. The view from this vantage point is stellar.

A glimpse of the waves on the ocean, the beach walkers on the west tip of Oak Island and the fishing boats along the Intracoastal can all be seen with one quick sweep of the head.

Once again, we board our floating tiki bar and continue our adventure by traveling back toward the spot where we began our excursion, this time heading west. As boats and Jet Skis pass by us at various speeds, their wakes rock the tiki bar and Captain Jeremy instructs us to plant our feet firmly and “prepare to do the hula.” The tiki bar sways from side to side, and we rock back and forth, arms and hips swaying with the motion of the water.

Crusin' Tikis Holden Beach NC

The tiki bar spins several times around in the water, like being in a car whirling out of control on icy pavement, before landing back at the dock at Provision Company Restaurant. We take one last sip of our drinks before packing our cooler in preparation for departure.

It has been a short, but memorable cruise with our entertaining captain.

“I enjoy meeting new people and telling them about Holden Beach and why we love it,” he says. “I want them to see how beautiful it really is here.”

“Come back and see me again when the tiki bar is open!” Captain Jeremy says as we step off this little piece of paradise and our feet hit the dock. We turn to give him one last wave, as that old familiar song comes to mind again.

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