Social Justice March

by Jun 9, 2020South Brunswick

A peaceful protest remains peaceful in Southport.

The Sunday afternoon march in Southport on June 7 was billed as a “peaceful protest,” and that is exactly what it was. An estimated 350 people gathered in Keziah Park on W. Moore Street in downtown Southport. Starting promptly at 1 pm. A couple of people made emotional speeches pleading for social justice and an end to racism. Purple bands were distributed to all walkers, and water was available for everyone.

The marchers proceeded up Lord Street to 11th Street, carrying placards and signs and chanting “Black lives matter,” “What’s his name? George Floyd is his name,” and “No justice, no peace.” The police were on every corner to ensure the safety of everyone.

There were no protestors, no violence, no guns, no vandalism, and no looting. Just a group of peaceful citizens proclaiming the same story that is being told so violently all over the country and the world.


The residents of Southport and the neighboring communities have once again demonstrated in unison and with dignity.