Shannon Viera Leaves Brunswick County a Better Place

by Nov 7, 2018People, South Brunswick

After six years as the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce President, Shannon Viera is moving on to a new endeavor.

Viera’s last day was Friday, October 26, and well before she even said her goodbyes, she was already missing the people of Brunswick County. Viera accepted a position as President of the Statesville Chamber of Commerce and will be moving out of the area.

“Everyone I’ve come in contact with, whether it was professionally or personally, has been a big influence on our work as a Chamber,” Viera says. I’m really going to miss everybody. That’s the hardest part of leaving.” 

Shannon Viera with husband, Christian Viera, at a Brunswick County event. PHOTOGRAPH: Time2Remember

Although she is embarking on a new career opportunity that will allow her to grow even more professionally, the impact Viera made in the Brunswick County business community won’t soon be forgotten. It was the idea of helping small businesses thrive and add to the economic growth of the area that first attracted Viera to the Brunswick County Chamber. One of her favorite initiatives with the Chamber is the continuing partnership with North and South Brunswick Magazines to create the Future 10—the annual issue that highlights 10 young professionals from all across the county under the age of 40 who contribute to the longevity and viability of Brunswick County.

“When I first arrived here, I connected with Justin Williams and pitched the idea. Since its inception in 2012, It’s been a wonderful opportunity to highlight these individuals under 40,” Viera says. The 2018 Future 10 edition is on newsstands now.

There are other projects that Viera spearheaded or contributed to that also focus on the future business leaders in the Brunswick County communities, like the Building BrunsCo Kids Expo (the Chamber’s latest event geared towards the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners). This past August, the inaugural event took place where “we gave children K-12 the opportunity to have a pop-up shop to sell their products and services,” explains Viera. “It not only gives children who are already entrepreneurial-minded an outlet to showcase their talents, but it also inspired children who haven’t yet discovered that side of themselves to start thinking about it.” According to Viera, the Chamber is partnering with the North Brunswick and Southport Chambers to offer the Expo three times a year.

Looking back on her time at the chamber, Viera says her favorite part of the job “has been and always will be the individuals in the business community that I’ve gotten to know and gotten to work with.”  

Viera, her husband Christian, and their twin sons Max and Aidan, leave Brunswick County a better place and look forward to their new adventure.

“I love new challenges and new experiences,” she says. “I don’t have a real plan yet, I’m just excited about trying something new, and I’m looking forward to getting into Statesville and seeing what’s going on there in the community.” 

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