Sea Island Trading Co.

by Jul 2, 2020Business, Partners, South Brunswick

When it comes to shopping these days, many are wooed by the convenience of online ordering or next-door stores in larger retail centers.

But to the customers of Sea Island Trading Co. in Little River, South Carolina, it’s all about the irresistible experience of finding something unique and intriguing, no matter how far you drive to get there.

“We know that whoever shops with us purposely comes to see us,” says Karen Wilson, buyer for Sea Island Trading Co. “We have regular customers who come from the Brunswick Islands, the Strand in Myrtle Beach, Murrell’s Inlet and Wilmington. We are truly a destination location.”

Sea Island Trading Co. opened in 2012 with the mission of offering unique non-brand driven apparel, accessories and home decor that’s eclectic, unique, modern, classic and trendy, with a soft Bohemian flavor. Customers often compare their goods to those of national retailers like Anthropologie and Free People for their natural, free-spirited style — a style that fits most women. Their target shopper is all women of all ages.


“From grandmothers to mothers and granddaughters, we purchase clothing that you can’t find anywhere else and clothing you might not think is for you — until you try it on and love it,” Wilson says.

Sea Island Trading Co. isn’t a boutique but a lifestyle shop. When you walk through the door, the vibe greets you, and you know you’re going to have an experience. They take a balanced approach between home decor, accessories and apparel. They aren’t tied to certain brands, and they try new labels to keep the merchandise fresh with pieces that have personality and give shoppers an opportunity to “think outside of the box” when it comes to their personal style.

“One of the most exciting clothing brands we’ve brought in this year is Barefoot Dreams,” Wilson says. “It’s a very Southern coastal chic style that can be worn as lounge wear or out for an evening. It’s incredibly versatile and fun in neutral colors. The feel of the fabric is something we can never describe online or in advertising. You have to come and touch it to get the experience.”


Sea Island also carries unique brands like Quay, Sorel and Hey Dude.

Unlike an online shopping experience, in a brick-and-mortar like Sea Island customers have the advantage of buying something they might never have considered. Here, the quality and uniqueness of their apparel begs to be tried on.

“We’ve had several customers who are newly retired from a career where they had to dress very professionally,” Wilson says. “Now they’re looking for a new way to express themselves through their clothes. We can help them find their inner, independent free spirit. Even for the small size of the store, we can deliver that.”

Housed in the same building as Clark’s Seafood & Chop House, Sea Island is located on the beautiful Coquina Harbor. Its connection to Clark’s makes it the perfect day trip for a shopping and lunch excursion with friends, family or just yourself.

Sea Island Trading Co.
720 U.S. Highway 17
Little River, SC
(843) 273-0248

Image courtesy of Catie Todd Photography