Resident Showcase – Don and Nancy Ollwerther

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Retired educational professionals Don and Nancy Ollwerther relocated to The Retreat at Ocean Isle Beach and have never been happier.

Where did you live before relocating to Brunswick County and what were your jobs?
We were both born and raised in Freehold, New Jersey, and we raised our five children there. We both worked in the Freehold Township Elementary School District for more than 30 years, retiring in 2003. Before retiring, Nancy held the position of manager of human resources. Don was a member of the district’s child study team and evaluated children with learning disabilities. He also held the position of athletic director for two middle schools.

Why did you choose to move here and did you previously have friends or family here?
We had visited North Carolina for more than 10 years during the summer months, which helped us see that North Carolina was where we wanted to be in retirement. More recently we visited this area during the winter months to be sure that this is where we wanted to settle. We have no family here; however, a couple from our New Jersey hometown has lived in North Carolina for more than 10 years and were very instrumental in guiding us as we learned about living in the South.

Brunswick NC The Ollwerthers

What community did you decide to move to and why?
We reached out to Nolan Formalarie of Discover NC, a real estate broker in the Southport area who knew the Brunswick County area quite well. He spent a great deal of time showing us various communities in southeastern North Carolina. We visited many homes in different areas but we kept returning to The Retreat at Ocean Isle Beach. With Nolan’s guidance we were able to determine that the Ocean Isle Beach area was where we wanted to settle, and The Retreat checked all our boxes as far as location, style, size and budget.

How long have you lived here?
We moved to North Carolina in October of 2018 and rented a home in the Southport area while we figured out where we wanted to live. We moved to the Retreat at Ocean Isle Beach in October of 2019.

Who built your home and why did you decide to build with them?
Our home was built by Bill Clark Homes. While looking for a home in North Carolina, we weren’t as concerned initially with who built the home as much as what the finished product looked like. Many items in the home we built were considered standard for BCH, while other builders declared many of these items to be upgrades requiring additional costs. Prior to committing to building, we met with several homeowners who were very pleased with their BCH homes and the process involved in building. Before and during the construction of our home, Debbie Dorset and Patrick Boyd provided immeasurable assistance involving the many decisions that needed to be made. They were tremendous assets and positive resources for us.

Resident Showcase The Ollwerthers

What are your hobbies here?
We enjoy the beach, playing golf and learning pickleball. Nancy is getting involved with sea turtle protection.

What’s your favorite thing about southeastern North Carolina?
In The Retreat we are extremely happy with our immediate neighbors. We have also found that the many individuals who live here are friendly and helpful. We moved to southeastern N.C. for the beaches and the weather and we are not disappointed with either. The Southern lifestyle has been a nice change for us and we enjoy living here.

Photography by Laura Glantz

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