Blissfully Blue Cocktail Drink

by Apr 1, 2018

The color blue is said to evoke feelings of peacefulness and tranquility. I agree with that. Whether I am diving into the crystal blue waters of a swimming pool, looking up at the beautiful Carolina blue skies or floating around the turquoise coastal waters of Brunswick County, shades of blue make me feel calm, quiet, reflective and strong. What better way to bring those feelings home on a hot summery day than with a fruity blue cocktail.

Blue Curaçao is the most commonly used liqueur for a blue cocktail, but what makes this liqueur so blue? Truthfully, it’s just artificial coloring, which doesn’t do anything for the taste. For all we care, this might as well have been left in its true form and been called Clear Curaçao — no one would taste the difference. For the record, it can also be found colored in orange or green in various regions.

So, what is Blue Curaçao? The essence of this liqueur is the lahara fruit, famous for being incredibly bitter. A plant similar to an orange, the laraha is developed from the sweet Valencia orange and is grown on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. No one really eats the fruit, but it is incredibly useful in creating this distinctive liqueur. Blue Curaçao is made with the dried lahara peel and has an orange flavor.

Sip on some relaxation with this blue concoction of refreshing tropical flavors. If you are feeling extra relaxed, add an umbrella and escape to a vacation all your own.

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Blissfully Blue
Pour yourself the feeling of the tropics with this orange-flavored, Caribbean-hued cocktail.
  1. Combine the first six ingredients in a large pitcher or beverage dispenser and stir well. Pour into a glass of ice and garnish with fruit pieces.