Sweet Advice – Q&A with Felicia Rudisill

by Oct 1, 2019North Brunswick, Online Exclusives

In honor of National Homemade Cookie Day, we caught up with Felicia Rudisill, owner of Sweet Treats by Felicia, and asked her advice and opinions for homemade baking.

What does the term homemade mean to you?
Homemade to me means using all of your own ingredients and not using anything canned or processed. You are actually purée your own ingredients if necessary, and anything store-bought does not count — even down to the pie crust. For it to be homemade, you have to do everything yourself.

What’s your favorite homemade cookie?
My favorite one that I make is the holiday ginger cookie.

Do you have any tips for homemade recipes?
Take your time! With homemade recipes, it’s more of where your heart is. It’s your taste, make it how YOU want it. Maybe you want tangy and spicy or something gooey and sweet. It’s all based off of your taste preferences.

Can you give us some advice on how to perfect a homemade batch of cookies?
Don’t over mix and watch your ingredients. Since it’s homemade, have fun with it. When baking, keep in mind you can always use alternative ingredients. You can use almond flour, egg replacements, a sugar substitute or shortening instead of butter. There is so much you can do, even with a regular cookie dough, you can add things like white chocolate, cranberries and pecans — just make if your own. Have fun with it, customize your cookie and make it exactly what you want.

How do you get all the cookies to bake evenly?
You have to check your oven. Use a pan that is nonstick and has some type of coating. Make sure you know the accurate temperature of the inside of your oven.

When it comes to baking, have fun with it, customize your cookie, make it exactly what you want.

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