Whether you arrive by land or sea, Local on the Water, just across the state line in North Myrtle Beach, offers great food, beer and lots of cheer.

There are times when a “snug” is my spot of choice in a local pub. That’s a quiet little corner set apart from the rest of the place, usually affording a bit of privacy for personal reflection or intimate conversation with a friend.

There are other times when I want pub hubbub and lots of it. A place that’s loud with laughter, good cheer, good food — and great beer. Such a place is Local on the Water in North Myrtle Beach.


My first excursion to this gem of a place — since May 2019 — was because of a neighborhood Christmas get to-gether. Neighbors Pam and Pat (with the “nice bulbs”) organized it. A draft list of 40 beers, with more in cans and bottles, greeted me at the large bar in an airy spacious room.

My eyes shot directly to the distinctive pink flamingo taphandle, which signified that Dirty Myrtle was in the house. I’d come to find out from Nina Stebbins, manager in charge of the beers, that Dirty Myrtle has a permanent roost in Local on the Water.

A beer fancier’s beer fancier, Nina changes her beers whenever the spirit moves her, and it’s not uncommon to see three or more lose and gain spots on the wall in a week. Her husband and co-owner, Dave, is responsible for what-ever comes out of the kitchen, the physical plant, decor and the nitty-gritty of dealing with the powers that be.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet soon-to-be barmom Lael, who commands the bar so effectively, she reprimanded me (albeit smilingly) for allowing Nina — the manager! — to draw my first beer.

On my return visit, I opted for a beer called 64, an incredibly tasty West Coast IPA (6.4%) out of Amor Artis in Fort Mill, South Carolina. If you’re an IPA fan, as Nina most definitely is, do yourself a favor and try it. And a Dirty Myrtle, of course.

“Dirty Myrtle is a favorite around here,” Nina allowed, “so that will always be available. But I like variety.” And, as the beer list says to the online visitor, “We don’t judge.” In truth, if you can’t find a beer you like on this list, you proba-bly don’t like beer.


Dirty Myrtle went astoundingly well with my juicy and delicious Wagyu Sliders, a must-try appetizer, and my Coconut Shrimp — six huge, succulent and perfectly cooked shrimp, soaked in a coconut and buttermilk dredge, coated with a panko and sweet flaked coconut and sprinkled with a special house-made sweet Thai-chili sauce. Most impressive.

I suppose my meal choice could have been called Local’s Surf and Turf, and it filled me up. The food menu is loaded with great choices, and the missus absolutely raved about her Shrimp Scampi Flatbread

While our neighborhood group provided all the entertainment we’d need on my first night there, (heck, five of them closed the joint down!), Nina has plenty of entertainment — in two different spots — at least five nights a week during the season.

During the warm seasons, the seating choices expand to a large, nicely appointed outdoor deck (Local is “on the water” after all), where diners can arrive by boat and take one of Local’s eight slips, with no fee.

Whether you arrive by land or sea, Local on the Water is a place you’ll come back to often. Good food, good ser-vice, great beer and a very comfortable vibe will be your reward.

Go for an intimate, romantic dockside dinner or hang out at the bar with Leal and your best buddy. Or, if you come with a large, lively group as we did, you’ll also be able to Caucus Raucous.
Either way, Local on the Water may become your spot — Across the Line.

Local on the Water
1525 13th Avenue N., North Myrtle Beach
(843) 281-0643