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by May 19, 2021Online Exclusives, South Brunswick

Sandy Bumz makes life with beach babies so much easier.

As a new mom, one thing I had been looking forward to was getting my 8-month-old son out on the beach. I couldn’t wait to see his face light up when the waves crashed, and I was eager to watch him play in the sand. I envisioned the sun shining bright and him, in his cute little outfit, playing with his toys on the beach.

The reality was that he continuously ate handfuls of sand, he cried from all the sand on his body, and his diaper was full of sand too. I thought I would never get all the sand off of him.

Beach NC Sandy Bumz

I tried laying out towels for him to sit on, but he would just crawl off and eat sand again. The towels also got sand all over them when the wind blew, and his toys stayed covered in sand too.

Then I found the Sandy Bumz product. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use ground cover that keeps my child clean and safe. This product was developed by a mother of three who was having the same issues I was having. We both loved going to the beach but didn’t want to come back with everything covered in sand.

The first time I took this ground cover out to the beach it was pretty windy. I had to put our beach bag and chairs inside to help hold it down, but it worked wonderfully. I was able to place my son inside with his toys and he could enjoy the beach without being covered in it.

Sandy Bumz Beach NC

I took my son down to the surf to enjoy the water, and when I put him back inside the Sandy Bumz it was very quick to dry.

Best of all, it is super lightweight and easily folds up for travel.

There are no zippers or anything — it just unfolds like an accordion and is ready for fun.

I highly recommend Sandy Bumz to anyone having the same issues with their beach baby that I was having.

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