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If staying home during the pandemic is getting you down, just listen to what others have to say about Private Italy Tours and begin dreaming of your own getaway.

How can you keep your spirits up during a pandemic? Mark Gordon Smith of Private Italy Tours has an idea. “The pandemic will end, and we will visit places that we dream of seeing. Until a vaccine makes travel a reality again, I encourage everyone to keep their spirits up by planning ahead for future trips.”

Of course, Private Italy Tours, which shares authentic, local and unforgettable cultural encounters in Italy and Switzerland, would be honored to help you.

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Smith founded Private Italy Tours in 2003 following publication of his first Italian travel memoir, Tuscan Echoes: A Season in Italy. Back then, the company offered only one itinerary, exploring Tuscany and the Veneto. Now they offer various two-week cultural encounters across different Italian regions. They also provide custom itinerary-planning services for guests who want to travel on their own or with a small group of friends.

The staff at Private Italy Tours includes a director of client services, several external marketing, writing and advertising consultants and extensive international partners in Italy and Switzerland who offer on-the-ground input.

“We base decisions on consensus with a focus on the most important people in our business — our guests,” Smith says.

Their itineraries offer unique, bespoke experiences for those who want to travel but don’t want to be part of a traditional group tour. Their rate of return guests reflects the quality of their trips.

“Our unforgettable experiences entice guests to return to bella Italia with us,” Smith says. “Nearly 40% of our customers are returning travelers or referrals, and we do all we can to increase that number.”

Private Italy Tours takes care of all the details so guests can relax and enjoy their experiences. If travelers have a special request — a cooking class, a wine tasting and private dinner, meals in Italian homes, hands-on encounters with artisans in private studios — they make those experiences possible. They also provide pre- and post-tour support.

In addition to tours in Italy and Switzerland, they plan to partner with other small group tour operators in Europe to expand the Private Italy Tours experience.

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Smith is well-versed in the language, culture and history of Italy. He has authored three books about his time living in Italy, which he published while living and writing for 12 years in Ocean Isle Beach. He is also an adult-learning instructor for University of North Carolina associated programs, teaching Italian Renaissance Art History, Art of the Dutch Golden Age, Travel in Italy and Conversational Italian.

If staying home during the pandemic is getting you down, just listen to what others have to say about Private Italy Tours and begin dreaming of your own getaway:

“I have traveled with Private Italy Tours on three different tours, and they only get better.”

“They care about their guests and always deliver the most truly Italian experiences possible.”

“If you are considering a tour of Italy, Mark Smith will not disappoint! He takes care of every detail and then some. Mark is so willing to share his love of his Italy and goes above and beyond your expectations!”

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