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by Feb 19, 2020Business, North Brunswick

With her new business, Port City Events Planner, Darlene Winston wants her clients to dream big.

With 22 years of professional experience in event planning, Darlene Winston is a certified international and domestic event planner, who is also ASTA certified. She has planned everything from weddings, vacations and milestone trips to team-building excursions, award celebrations and brainstorming ses-sions. Her new business, Port City Events Planner, provides private professional meeting spaces for businesses owners, and they plan custom events for businesses and lifetime celebrations for individuals.

“Our demonstration of professionalism, experience and knowledge gives our clients the assurance they need to know that we have the ability to execute and help them realize their vision,” Winston says. Her goal is to provide exceptional service through a consistent demonstration of unforgettable experiences. She says, “I love what I do because it’s a happiness business; I create happiness and suc-cess.”

Winston decided to open her business in southeastern North Carolina because in addition to the ar-ea’s growth, it is comprised of a large number of people who still like to have face-to face conversa-tions when conducting business. She enjoys creating a space for her clients to come in and have a cup of coffee while they chat and discuss their goals. While much of her business comes from the Internet and through email, she still likes to offer her clients an in-person consultation. During her consultations with clients she is able to pick up on small details about them that they didn’t even anticipate being a part of their event.

“It’s those small nuances that I like to use when creating an event,” she says. “I build upon them to help my clients realize an unforgettably unordinary event that is customized just for them.”

Whether it is a religious retreat, team-building or award trip, a wedding, milestone celebration or fami-ly vacation, near or far, Winston’s purpose is to deliver and create unforgettable memories and expe-riences that exceed her client’s expectations. The most determining factor that sets Port City Events Planner apart from others in the industry is that they have the experience, knowledge, ability, and the objective to see beyond their client’s stated goal and they deliver unimaginable and unexpected ex-periences.

Winston says her favorite holiday is Christmas, because it gives her a reason to give people gifts that are meaningful to them. She likes to give gifts based on information people reveal during their every-day interactions and conversations. The gift says, “I heard you,” and that is exactly what she and Port City Events Planner do as a business. They hear their clients.

“If I had any tips to share it would be to keep dreaming,” Winston says. “Dream big or dream small; come in and share your dreams. Our concierge event service provides an extraordinary experience. We have the ability to satisfy the most unique of event requirements. EXPECT MORE.”

Darlene Winston
Port City Events Planner
1022 Grandiflora Drive, Suite 160
Leland, NC

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