Police Department Recognized

by Jun 20, 2022Around Town, North Brunswick

North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM) recognizes Leland Police Department for completing the Law Enforcement Risk Review Process.

During the May 19 Leland Town Council meeting, North Carolina League of Municipalities (NCLM) Public Safety Risk Manager Matthew Selves acknowledged the Leland Police Department’s efforts in completing the Law Enforcement Risk Review Process and adhering to recognized industry standards related to risk reduction.

This important initiative was developed with the assistance of the NCLM’s Police Chiefs Advisory Committee and is supported by the N.C. Association of Chiefs of Police. The NCLM Risk Review Process is a voluntary program and is being utilized by departments across North Carolina.

The process involves a comprehensive agency review of high-risk policies, operations and practices and a detailed on-site administrative and operations review, including equipment and facility inspections, officer interviews, and observation of operations to validate that their practices align with policy and industry best practices.

“I am very proud of the commitment staff made to ensure we met the standard for consideration by the NCLM,” Leland Police Chief Jeremy Humphries says. “The work completed during this process has aided our agency in working toward state accreditation, once available, and further demonstrates the commitment this agency has to provide the best possible service to residents and visitors to our town.”

Leland Police Risk Reduction

The Law Enforcement Risk Review Process is designed to assess an agency’s adherence to best practices, court decisions and policies and procedures related to high liability activities in law enforcement. The goal is enhanced public safety.

“Chief Humphries demonstrates a high level of commitment to the community and takes risk management seriously,” Selves says. “The chief and the staff members who assisted were very professional and demonstrated a high level of public service.”

Completing this process also results in reduced liability insurance for the town, reflecting the police department’s commitment to providing high-quality service while being financial stewards of its funds.

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