Penmanship in Practice

by Mar 26, 2021Education, North Brunswick

Students at Charter Day School show off their excellent handwriting.

More than 70 students at Charter Day School received awards for their exemplary handwriting as part of a competition in honor of National Handwriting Day. Twenty-five students received a $5 first-place award, and 49 students received an honorable mention $1 prize. In addition, numerous classes and grades performed so well overall they received a collective award and ice-cream party.

Handwriting Day Charter Day School NC

The handwriting competition occurred across all four campuses in The Roger Bacon Academy family of charter schools –Charter Day School in Leland, Columbus Charter School in Whiteville, Douglass Academy in Wilmington and South Brunswick Charter School in Southport.

“I work hard on my handwriting so that when we have a test my handwriting is good!” says Jaxon Maditz, a Charter Day School first-grade student who won the $5 prize. His entire class also received an award and ice- cream party.

Isabella Applewhite, a fifth-grade $5 prize winner, says, “I really love Charter Day School because everything we learn is used and added to each year. They go further in-depth year after year.

Seventh-grade winner Sydney Baum adds, “Cursive is important because our founders used it and it’s cool that we get to use something from our country’s past.”

Handwriting Day NC Charter Day School

Jessica Lopez, Dean of English, Latin and History at The Roger Bacon Academy, comments, “Penmanship is the art of writing by hand and distinguishes our students from their peers at other schools. Not only do we teach cursive, we also stress the importance of penmanship beginning in kindergarten. This teaches our students to take pride in their work and to do their best in all endeavors, an important life lesson.

Our National Handwriting Day competition showcases our students’ handwriting and allows them the opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts. We are very happy that in a year of many cancellations, we were able to provide this rewarding and fun competition for our students.”

Charter Day School is one of four charter schools managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, Inc., founded in 1999 by education pioneer Baker Mitchell. To learn more or enroll online, visit

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