Resident Showcase: Pat and Tom Gill

by Dec 17, 2019North Brunswick, People, Real Estate

Their story on the journey to Leland.

Where did you live before relocating to Brunswick County and what was your job?
We lived on Long Island in New York. Tom worked for a phone company, and Pat was a registered nurse. We are both retired now.

Why did you choose to move here and did you previously have friends or family here?
The coastal town is what brought us here. We looked at Charlotte and Raleigh, but both were too far from the beach. We didn’t have any friends or family previously here before moving and checked it out after hearing some of our New York friends talk about the coast of North Carolina. Word of mouth got us here. The people are so friendly and great we just sensed it was the place for us. When we got down here it was just so nice we could see ourselves retiring here.

What community did you decide to move to and why?
We choose to move to Compass Pointe because the neighborhood has such a great layout with a variety of home styles — not so cookie cutter — and the developers were great. The people we met in the neighborhood were similar to us and friendly and welcoming. The camaraderie of everyone and the fact that many were from up North just like us made it an easy choice. The neighborhood also offers so many things to do.

What is your job or what are your hobbies here?
We are both retired so no jobs, but we hang out with friends and having dinner parties. Everyone’s homes are so nice and new that it’s fun to take turns hanging out at each other’s places. The pool area in Compass Pointe is also a great place for us to hang out with friends. All the amenities offered are perfect for us. Tom enjoys playing a bit of golf; however, he is not avid golfer. We enjoy walking the neighborhood together, and we hope to get a golf cart at some point in the near future.


Pat and Tom Gill chose Legacy Homes by Bill Clark to build their new home in Compass Pointe.

How long have you lived here?
We sold our house right when it was time to move in our new house. It was perfect coordination. We have been here since November of 2017.

Who built your home and why did you decide to build with them?
Bill Clark Legacy Homes built our house. The people were so great to work with! From our designer, Dana, to the Super, Lee, to our man contact, AJ — they all made it such a great experience. The communication was great, and they were very accommodating, even helping us tweak the plans to fit us. They were so patient and nice and the quality is beyond our expectations. Dennis came out to follow-up with anything we had concerns about, and it was all handled quickly and professionally. They are real pros. We are so happy we picked them.

What’s your favorite thing about southeastern North Carolina?
We love that it is not as congested or crowded as New York coast. It has the perfect amount of laidback attitude mixed with an active lifestyle. We were tired of the rat race. The lesser property taxes were also an added reason, paired with the great weather. Half the year in New York, we got cabin fever being stuck inside all the time. Everyday feels like a vacation here!

Photography by Laura Glantz

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