Riverwalk Rentals at Belville Riverwalk Park helps people get on the water and connect with the natural world.

With warm weather comes great responsibility — to be out and about in the sun and on the water, of course! Riverwalk Rentals in Belville is here to help with that. With a mission of getting people outside and active, the business rents single and tandem kayaks, premium fishing kayaks and inflatable standup paddleboards and offers many other gear options like GoPros and fishing gear.

Paddlers can pick their own adventure. Choose from two-hour to full-day lengths of rental time and launch onsite from the dock or take your rentals on the go (they’ll help load your rentals onto your vehicle, if needed). Riverwalk Rentals also offers automatic pumps for its inflatable paddleboards (your arms will thank you!).

Riverwalk Rentals

Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate Riverwalk Rentals’ premium kayaks, which have a wider bow that’s stable enough for standing and makes fishing easier. Anglers will find ideal oases for both salt and freshwater fishing with calm water and minimal boat traffic.

“There are options for people to go deeper into the brackish water and get into bass fishing if they want or to stay nearer for the saltwater fish that people really like to catch,” says Riverwalk Rentals Owner Mario Barron.

Barron was born and grew up in Brunswick County and fondly remembers his youth spent on the water via surfing, kayaking and fishing.

Now the coastal native encourages others to embrace the outdoors, especially the younger generation. He wants the community to go outside, move and embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Riverwalk Rentals Belville NC

“We strive to have everyone enjoy the water as much as we do, whether that’s just escaping for a bit and relaxing on the water, fishing or just fun exercise,” Barron says. “We would love to be a part of your enjoyment of the water and help you explore other water activities.”

Riverwalk Rentals touts free parking, comfortable, high-quality kayaks and a secluded locale.

They offer paddle route recommendations stacked with vital information about length, estimated duration and tides. Those who want to prepare can find the courses mapped out on the company’s Facebook page.

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For paddle and fishing experts or newbies alike, Riverwalk Rentals has a wealth of events to look forward to this season, from fishing training classes for kids and adults to water safety classes. Barron also hopes to implement group camping trips in the future.

“Lots of people just moved to the Leland area,” Barron says. “They’re trying to explore and see how they can mingle with the locals and build friends in the community. One of the things we want to do is get fishing groups together and organize camping trips where we can go out and kayak on some of the lakes and rivers and make a weekend out of that.”

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When Barron isn’t making rapid strides at work, you might find him playing in the great outdoors with his wife, 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. The family enjoys hiking, camping and hitting the beach together, with Long Leaf Park and Carolina Beach being among the family’s favorite spots. And inspiring others to love the great outdoors is a big part of their lives.

“I hope everyone in the community sees the value and will want to get out and love nature,” Barron says.

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Photography by Matt McGraw