Over The Border and to The Rock

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Join the PubScout in making your Thanksgiving restaurant reservations early this year.

The truly American national holiday of Thanksgiving evokes many images — good food, good libations, good company and the warmth of family at the fireside.

After all, it’s the leadup and countdown to Christmas, with visions of smiling children, sugar plums, twinkling lights, light snows and the hope of answered prayers.

And while it used to be a major family event in my home, with family and guests coming over the river and through the woods to immerse themselves in football and a tryptophan coma, our move to Brunswick County has necessitated a change of plan. Two thirds of my sons are in New Jersey, and the other is three and a half hours away with a new infant.

So, unless my son with the baby is singing “to grandfather’s house we go,” the plan changes. First, it’s just the two of us — the missus and me. No call for a big meal and the considerable prep and interminable cleanup (not to mention leftovers) that goes with it.

The Pub Scout Oyster Rock

What to do? I won’t presume to tell you what to do, but we’re going to a place that requires no prep time or cleanup on our part, yet there will be a most appetizing array of victuals, libations and desserts, guaranteed to induce a tryptophan coma.

We’ve got reservations at The Rock, aka The Oyster Rock Waterfront Seafood Restaurant in Calabash. I know, I know — Calabash is still in North Carolina, so what border are we crossing to get there?

Well, according to history, the boundary line between North Carolina and South Carolina used to run right down Nance Street, which passes the aptly named Boundary House restaurant, a sister establishment of The Rock.

The Thanksgiving meal at The Oyster Rock is available for $48 a head. $48 a head? That’s a no-brainer, especially if you’ve ever sampled the fare at The Rock. Of course, drinks will be extra, as they are everywhere, but when you’ve got a manager like Patrick Legendre, you won’t want for beverages. Especially if you’re beer nut like me.

Patrick is what I dub a “cerevisionary,” i.e., he knows his beer better than most anyone in the area and manages to acquire some of the best, most unique examples of the brewer’s art available. And he’s sure to not only have some great ones on hand, he’ll be happy to recommend which you should have with your dinner. The Rock’s wine list is also very extensive.

Oyster Rock Waffle Dessert Calabash

There’s a reason — actually many reasons — that The Rock is an Official PubScout Approved Establishment.

So, we’ll straddle the old NC/SC border and head down for our 4:45 reservation. We’ll eat great food and quaff fine drink to our hearts’ content and still be able to get home to flop on the couch for a while, as is custom, before the official Geezer bedtime of 9 pm.

And while there will perhaps be no family, neither will there be prep or cleanup.
Or football — unless there’s a college game on. God bless America.

Want to go?
The Oyster Rock Waterfront Seafood
9931 Nance Street, Calabash
(910) 579-6875

Oyster Rock Thanksgiving Menu 2020
Oyster Rock Thanksgiving Menu 2020