Old Bridge Links Past to Present

by Jun 10, 2019Brunswick County Life, South Brunswick

To celebrate the change, the public was invited to a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Old Bridge Museum and Interpretive Center on Wednesday May 29, at which time the new name and logo were announced.  A reception for guests on the Old Bridge followed.

The society continues to pay it forward through community outreach programs such as:

  • Summer at the OldBridge (which begins after Memorial Day) with Young Explorers on Wednesday Mornings and History Walk on Thursday Mornings.
  • Project PBJ (in June peanut butter and jelly is collected from residents using local business as drop sites and taken to local food banks serving children and families needing nutritional support.)
  • 4thof July at the Old Bridge (a parade on the morning of the Fourth with decorated bikes, trikes, strollers, wagons and walkers across the Old Bridgeaccompanied by patriotic music with festivities)
  • Museum and gift shop (Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm)

If you’d like to see how you can get involved as a volunteer, help create new exhibits or volunteer for a fundraising event, please email theoldbridgesb@gmail.com.

The Old Bridge Historical Society (formerly Old Bridge Preservation Society)
109 Shoreline Drive W., Sunset Beach

(910)  363-6585

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Image courtesy of Mark Head