North Brunswick Home Buying Process: Kathleen Berner Tells Her Story

by Jan 27, 2016North Brunswick, People

I had worked as a vice president of Cantor Fitzgerald Securities and lived in NYC for about 13 years with Michael, my son, and after he moved to his Dad’s in Staten Island, I relocated to Los Angeles and worked at a securities company as an assistant merger coordinator. After 9/11 and my Mother’s passing I wanted to move closer to sister Mary who was transferred with her job here a few years earlier. After being here for about 9 months without finding a position, I was in the mist of planning to return to NYC and a former government bond broker position when I received an offer from Bert Exum and Bobby Harrelson. Of course, I jumped at the chance to stay in North Carolina.

I’ve worked for the developers, Mr. Bobby Harrelson and Bert Exum of Waterford of the Carolinas since 2004.  This is one of the most enjoyable positions I have ever had.  As Waterford grows so does my knowledge of the business and my duties, currently I am the commercial property manager and assist Mr. Harrelson and Bert. They are such fine people and I consider myself lucky to be part of the Harrelson Company.

I was always aware of the Arbors, since my employer is the developer of Waterford of the Carolinas and the Arbors among many other development projects they are involved in; The Arbors of which I thought a great home and investment, being a homeowner still intimidated me by the responsibility and fear that my finances wouldn’t allow it.

In the beginning of September 2006, I heard that most of the Arbors homes had been sold and there were only about 8 lots left.  Afraid to miss the “boat”, I just decided to go and do it.

The first thing I did was speak with Jane Powell (the sales agent at the Arbors) about my hope of being able to purchase an affordable house, after her assistance and guidance I was a few days later able to  select my house plan (the Ivy) and Jane drew up a contract within the week.

Over the course of about 2 weeks, I met with and began supplying financial information to CTX and choosing my carpet, shutters, siding, countertops, etc.  I was told that upon processing my agreement my house would be complete within 6 months.

There was very little for me to do.  I went to my little rented house (which I did love) and packed and repacked for 6 months!!

I was contacted several times by CTX asking for more current financial information which I was able to easily supply them by mail.

As the closing day approached I received calls from Jane updating me of the status of the house and the estimated closing date.  I found it stress and hassle free.  The house is perfect.  All in all, a very exciting experience.   I appreciate the detailed and fine work of the builder, Dan Siebert/Veranda Homes, the care and professionalism of my agent Jane Powell, and the wonderful people I met along the way who seemed just as excited about this for me.

The builder, Dan Siebert/Veranda Homes had my house completed before the estimated close and I moved in 2 days before my scheduled completion date.

This is my first house and I feel very fortunate and blessed, I have a healthy and loving son, supportive family, a job I love, my dog Sammy, and now, a beautiful home!!  I am living my dream. Never would I have imagined that it could be so easy and obtainable.

While the workers were building I stopped by and took pictures every few days.  It got to the point that I started going every day for a while because they were moving so quickly.

After my close at Law offices of Rhoades and Associates, Randy and Glenda (my wonderful closing attorneys) my sister Mary took photos documenting the changing of the KEYS, Mary and I ran over to the Arbors and  (we are an Irish-catholic family) stood in front of the house and said a blessing. We walked into the house for the first time as an homeowner with a basket containing a bible, bread, salt, sugar, broom, plant, and candle (all have a  meaning and purpose)

Then we went absolutely crazy singing and dancing throughout the house….

It was probably the happiest I have felt since 9/11, and I thank all who made my purchasing a home so much fun and taking the time to make it special for me.

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