New Tricks for Dog Lovers

by May 15, 2020Business, North Brunswick

Manufactured in Leland, the K9000 USA self-service dog wash is revolutionizing pet care.

American ingenuity and design are changing the ritual of bathing the family dog. For an estimated 80 million dogs in the United States, a Leland manufacturer has found a dog owners’ need and filled it.

Soon to be missed is the experience of watching your dog slip-sliding away in a bathroom tub before having the opportunity to clean its hair off the tiles and floor. Don’t forget the final thrills of dredging the hair from the drain and then chasing your wet pooch from room to room. In better weather, you can just chase Fido around the yard with a garden hose, pail and soap. So, where has all the fun gone?

If you’ve ever chased your dog around the house and wrestled him into a soapy tub, you’ve shared the experience of humorist Franklin Jones who quips, “Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like hasn’t washed a dog.”

It can still be fun to wash your dog, but now it can be done in a self-contained washing station that offers a wash, rinse and blow dry for the dog. Buster or Missy will come out like they’ve been treated to a spa.

The K9000 USA Dog Wash system, manufactured in Leland and distributed nationwide, can be a game changer for dog owners who find it easy to use and much less expensive than a groomer’s cost. In about ten minutes, the K9000 Dog Wash will get your best friend a complete warm soapy bath, an optional tick and flea rinse and a gentle blow dry for about $10 a wash.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Step into the small gated holding pen in front of the system and boost your dog into the low-walled washing platform. Close the door and tether the dog’s collar to a small chain. The dog will be standing on a nonslip textured surface with drain slots to prevent puddling and excess splashing. Bins are large enough to accommodate all sizes of dogs.

Step 2: Swipe your credit card, use Apple Pay or insert $10 cash for 10 minutes. The K9000 offers timed intervals of water, shampoo, conditioner, rinse and optional flea/tick rinse through the attached hand-held sprayer wand. When the final rinse is done, select blow dry to the finish the job. The choice of blower settings of high and low helps acclimate the dog to the blower noise and air volume during the drying time. Usually a 10-minute treatment gets the whole job done, but additional airtime for further drying may be purchased.

Step 3: Have your dog hop down into the holding pen with you after his blow dry and then select the disinfect option to spray down the washing bin as a courtesy for the next customer. This only takes about 30 seconds.

The ease, convenience and ergonomics of the K9000 help drive its popularity. The height of the washing bin platform is knee high, which is an easy lift for most dogs. Once they are tethered, the owner can use one hand with the wand and one to work in the shampoo and rinse at waist height. The supplied all organic shampoo and conditioner are hypoallergenic, and the wash is warm to keep the dog comfortable.


The N.C. business interest in this product is local to Leland, where Pete Peterson, CEO of the Leland-based company Manufacturing Methods, is the exclusive manufacturer of the K9000 USA. His company provides all aspects of the machine, including its design, metal framing, machine parts, assembly and final testing.

Peterson describes the K9000 USA as a “fast, ergonomic, efficient, all-in-one machine that is quickly growing in popularity.” He adds, “our workforce is expanding as machines are being installed in pet shops, car washes and independent locations where multiple units may be housed.”

K9000 USA stations are available to entrepreneurs seeking passive income. “There is limited maintenance in ownership that involves only a periodic cleaning of the machine and restocking of shampoos and liquids,” Peterson says.


The cost of owning a K9000 ranges from approximately $13,000 for the mini unit to $44,000 for the twin.

According to Peterson, “We have our business office in Wilmington now with our production plant in Leland. We supply all the necessary liquids for the K9000 washing unit. We are rapidly growing to the point where I have expanded the workforce to include a new customer success manager, who helps new owners.”

Parties interested in learning more about this business opportunity may contact Pete Peterson at his email address for further information. More information on nearby locations of washing stations can be found at

Photos by Mark Steelman