New Businesses in 2019: Coastal Integrative Health in Brunswick Forest

by Dec 15, 2019Business, North Brunswick

Why was 2019 the right time to open your business?
We had been in talks with The Villages at Brunswick Forest for several years, and it always boiled down to having the right doctors and therapists in place to provide the same level of care our patients were accustomed to in Shallotte. We found those people and knew it was time.

What made Leland the ideal location for you?
Leland is growing at an exponential pace, and the demand for top-level healthcare has never been higher. We believe Leland is a perfect location for us to bring our unique approach to the current residents as well as the future ones.

What services do you offer?
We provide chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy and golf performance programs through Titleist and Nike.

What separates you from the competition?
Our team approach. It’s honestly as simple as that. Great outcomes happen when you bring together doctors and therapists from different fields who all have the burning desire to get patients well. Our Shallotte office set the tone for this concept, and our new location embodies that. The patient is always our main focus. We have a lot of tools in our toolbox to get that person back to living the life they want.


What has been your leading success so far?
Without question, the patient outcomes. If you’re not getting patients well and adding value to their lives, you’re not going to be successful. Success for us is getting our patients back to playing golf or picking up their grandchildren. If we focus on that and treat each and every patient like they are family, how can we go wrong?

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?
The biggest challenge we’ve had to overcome is building a practice from scratch. In Shallotte we have established a solid reputation based off our results and the way we treat our patients. We work hand in hand with our local family doctors, orthopedics and other healthcare providers. Starting all over again and building relationships is a huge challenge but one we’re so excited about. Bringing our style of healthcare to Leland and helping people live healthier lives is more than worth the rough seas.

What can we anticipate from you in the future?
You can anticipate us growing into a practice that is known for its amazing patient care. We might not be able to fix every issue, but I can guarantee you we will go above and beyond trying to. We’re excited to be a big part in this community and serve in more ways than just healthcare.

Is a fun fact about you that you’d like to include?
I also have an unlimited building contractors license and along with my father, Bob Lank, own a custom home and electrical engineering company called Seacoast Building Company.

Coastal Integrative Health
Dr. Brian S. Lank, President
1175 Turlington Avenue, Suite 103 Leland, NC 28451
(910) 408-1778

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