New Businesses in 2019: Club Pilates Leland

by Dec 15, 2019Business, North Brunswick

Why was 2019 the right time to open your business?
We opened the first Club Pilates in The Forum in Wilmington in August 2017, the second at the Pointe in April 2018 and last but not least the third Leland in June 2019. We had always planned for three. Also, Leland’s population and business growth from 2017 to 2019 convinced us it was the perfect time to introduce a boutique fitness studio to the area.

What made Leland the ideal location for you?
We had many members from Leland who had joined the Pointe location. With all the wonderful country/golf club neighborhoods booming in Leland, we decided to give it a try. Leland has a large retirement population, and the demographic is a perfect fit. Pilates is a low-impact way to exercise for all ages, with great results. We thought we had an ideal product for Leland’s growing community.

What services/products do you offer?
Club Pilates provides classes designed to strengthen, tighten and tone a person’s entire body safely and quickly. We offer reformer Pilates, which is done on a specialized piece of equipment with weighted springs. We are open seven days a week, starting at 6 am on most days until 7:30 pm. We offer a variety of classes, Flow, Control, Cardio, TRX Suspend and Balance, so our members are never bored. Each class is led by a certified Pilates instructor.

What separates you from the competition?
We strive for excellent customer service. Everyone from our front desk staff to our team of instructors believes each member’s experience should be safe, fun and top-notch. We also have an excellent track record, proving that by adding Pilates to your workout routine you will feel better, move better and live better.


What has been your leading success so far?
Our amazing team. We call our sales staff and instructors The Dream Team. Their passion, desire, work ethic and love of Pilates is evident in every class. Our classes have been well attended, and our feedback exceptional. We continuously strive to be the best, and we always listen to concerns and questions members may have.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?
Making sure we provide quality classes and keep to our promise. It’s essential that our classes start on time, our studio is spotless, our equipment runs perfectly and our members are happy. So far, we’ve been pleased. We have a dedicated team. We’re only as good as our employees, so we work hard to hire the best.

What can we anticipate from you in the future?
Our instructors continue to educate themselves to keep up their certification. We offer creative and innovative classes, so members don’t get bored. We’ll continue to add more free member workshops, contests and challenges to our schedule, and we’re open to new ideas. We always offer free Intro classes for anyone who would like to try Pilates before they commit. The workout sells itself. We’re just the motivators behind the scenes, cheering everyone on.

Fun Fact about you, your staff, your family or anything interested to include?
Before Club Pilates, I owned a retail store in Wilmington called Mindy & Angie’s Fine Paper. We were located in Landfall Shopping Center and then moved to Lumina Commons. My business partner, Angie, and I sold wedding invitations, stationery and gifts for 14 years. I‘ve learned customer service is essential. There are many places to shop, and many places to exercise, so it’s crucial our members have an enjoyable experience in our studios. To feel welcome. Included. A place to meet new friends and an opportunity to focus on their health and wellness. We value every member and truly appreciate their business.

Mindy Agnoff, Owner
2028 Olde Regent Way, Suite 140, Leland, NC 28451
(910) 725-6190

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