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by Oct 18, 2022North Brunswick, People

As a new program coordinator with Leland Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, Alison Fore is excited to join the team that plans events and programs in Leland.

As a native of the Charlotte area, the only thing recent UNCW graduate Alison Fore used to know about Leland was that it was the town across the river. Having recently been appointed program coordinator with Leland’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, she now knows she’s a part of a truly special community. As the department’s newest and youngest member, Fore is ready to use her marketing skills and passion for service to help make Leland the best town around.

After graduating in December 2021 with a degree in political science, Fore joined AmeriCorps, an independent government agency focused on connecting members with intensive community service opportunities. Choosing to complete her assignment with Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity, she spent the spring of 2022 working on marketing and event planning for the nonprofit. Fore’s largest project was planning Women Build 2022, a two-week event made possible by more than 300 local volunteers.

“Something I learned at Habitat for Humanity was that I really enjoyed working with the community,” Fore says. “Through Habitat you have all these volunteers coming and building homes for individuals, you get to meet people who are really excited about their homes, and you see the impact you’re having.”

Fore’s time with AmeriCorps came to an end at the start of summer, and her subsequent job search led her to the program coordinator position with the Town of Leland. Excited at the prospect of mixing her marketing experience and political science background, she pursued the opportunity and soon landed the new role.

Program Director Leland NC

“I chose to major in political science because ultimately I want to get into environmental policy, something I’m passionate about, and so when I saw this position, I liked the idea of learning how local government works,” Fore says. “I also thought I’d be able to really see the impact I could make at Leland Cultural Arts Center. Students take classes and we hold events here, so you get to see the community coming together and people enjoying the work you’re doing.”

Fore started with the department in July 2022 and jumped right into the marketing side of her new position. Her work includes creating graphics, photos and other marketing materials highlighting the town’s community programming and events. She will soon also begin producing the next issue of the CAPE, the department’s bi-annual activity guide that explains the town’s entire programing schedule and offerings. Fore says she’s excited to bring in new ideas and plan, head and develop more programming.

“The Cultural Arts Center is an educational building, and so we want to introduce people to new subjects they may have never seen or had the opportunity to do before,” Fore says. “Every time we’re building the next CAPE, we’re thinking about enhancing the kinds of offerings we have.

Ultimately, the goal each time is to make sure we’re adding programming and events that are well-rounded for the community.”

Fore is joining two existing program coordinators in her new role, and she’s excited to work with them to further the department’s mission of creating a sense of community for all residents through the town’s exceptional recreational and cultural activities and parks. She is part of a team of individuals dedicated to overseeing all the community programs and events hosted through the Town of Leland, which includes the events and programs occurring both at the Town of Leland’s three parks as well as at the Leland Cultural Arts Center.

Leland NC Program Director Alison Fore

“Working with the two other program coordinators has been great, because they’ve both grown the events and programing here and have really insightful information, as do all the people above me,” Fore says. “Everybody’s been very welcoming to new ideas and new thoughts, so it’s been nice coming to this open space where discussion and sharing of ideas is wanted and encouraged.”

On the marketing side, Fore hopes to help grow the department’s social media presence because she understands how important connectivity is in today’s age.

“My goal is to work on getting and growing interaction through social media, because it’s exciting to get to introduce people in the community to our programs and events,” she says. “I’m also looking forward to trying out new programs and watching them develop and possibly become staples for our community members who come out to participate.”

Having known little about Leland before starting her role, Fore is enjoying the experience of learning just how much the Town of Leland has to offer its residents. She looks forward to playing an active part in inspiring residents and visitors to get out and enjoy all that the makes the community so special.

“Seeing how many community events we have really surprised me,” Fore says. “In October we have an event almost every weekend. Having the opportunity to be involved in all these great events and programs and help further the town’s growth is just so exciting.”

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