At Lockwood Folly Marketplace, owner J. Lee Hughes makes fresh food for residents, businesses and schools in the Supply area.

Before opening Lockwood Folly Marketplace in June 2015 at 48 Stone Chimney Rd SE in Supply, J. Lee Hughes’ vision was that his delicatessen would be a welcoming place for people throughout the area to kick back, relax and enjoy their sandwiches, soups and beverages. And that is what he has built.

Right off U.S. Highway 17, Lockwood Folly Marketplace does a lot of catering orders for local businesses, schools and offices.

“We deliver to different schools almost every day throughout the school year,” Hughes says. “Once their summer vacation starts, the void is filled by tourists.”

Hughes estimates that approximately 60 percent of his customers are local residents and 40 percent are visitors to Brunswick County.

“Some of the regulars come in three or four times a week for their favorite signature sandwiches all made with Boar’s Head meats and cheeses,” he says.

Lockwood Folly Marketplace Staff

Some of the favorites are the Cape Fear spinach wrap made with chicken, Havarti, dill, carrots, craisins, cucumbers and teriyaki sauce and the Ram’s Head Branch, a sun-dried tomato wrap with Cajun turkey, bacon, American cheese, cranberry mayonnaise and other ingredients.

Dale’s Junkyard is popular, too; it’s a roast beef sandwich served on sourdough with bacon, Swiss cheese, crispy fried onions, barbecue mayonnaise and more.

“I’ve noticed that many customers know what they like and stick with that,” Hughes says. “They know a good thing when they see it so that’s their go-to sandwich.”

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There are certain staple foods on the menu, plus customers can build their own sandwiches. For those people who want something quick and filling, they offer a daily special of a half sandwich, a cup of soup and a drink.

The deli’s most popular soup is clam chowder so that’s offered twice a week.

“Chicken noodle soup is a close second so my employees and I get an early start at making these huge pots of soup,” Hughes says.

For dessert there are brownies, blondies, cheesecake, candied pecans and homemade banana bread. All of their foods are prepared fresh daily.

Signature Sandwiches Lockwood Folly Marketplace

Hughes has a staff of eight employees, some full-time and others part-time, who fill orders and assist with catering.

“In the summer I hire several high school students to work part-time, which is a good way for kids to get some experience under their belt,” Hughes says. “It gives them the opportunity to get used to being in the business world and it also gives them a chance to earn some cash.”

Year-round catering is a big business at Lockwood Folly Marketplace.

“We get requests for platters of sandwiches and finger sandwiches plus fresh fruit platters and fresh vegetable platters always work,” Hughes says. “We deliver the food and drinks on-site whether the customers need them at 10 am or 3 pm. Convenience is what we are all about.”

Growing up in Robeson County, Hughes graduated from East Carolina University in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in English. “Throughout college I worked at the Holden Beach waterslide and Super Track then owned by Hobbs Realty,” Hughes says. “In 2000 I moved to Brunswick County and married my wife, Brooke, who is a local and has ancestors here that go back many generations.”

Lockwood Folly Marketplace Sandwich

In 2004 Hughes started working at the Holden Beach Provision Company, where he says he got great experience working in the food business. In time, he moved up to the position of general manager and was there for 11 years.

Lee and Brooke Hughes are the parents of a son and a daughter, and in his spare time, Hughes volunteers as a Little League youth baseball coach.

The best aspects of being the owner of Lockwood Folly Marketplace? “Being able to offer local residents stable jobs is very important,” Hughes says. “And since we’ve been open for over eight years, I’ve gotten to know so many of our local customers and visitors – to the point where for years now it’s felt like family at Lockwood Family Marketplace.”

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Open Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4 pm, Saturday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm