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by Jul 22, 2019North Brunswick

Rochelle Grass of Dwelling Place Interiors uses her well-honed knowledge of interior design to help her clients create homes to cherish.

Rochelle Grass believes the relationships she has created and continues to keep have set her apart from others in her field. “Promises are kept, not just made,” she says.

As a highly desired interior designer, Grass commits herself to her clients fully and does not take on more work than she can personally attend to with purpose and passion. Although she offers gorgeous furnishings at a deep discount, including quality window coverings, lighting, accessories and more, her personal motto is “Love people, not things and the rest will come together.” 

Grass specializes in concepts such as space planning, mood boards and color stories as well as whole-house design. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree in interior design in 1997, she worked with a design firm in Greenville, South Carolina, and then started her own design studio in that area. She also owned her own studio in Atlanta, Georgia, for a few years. Her incomparable experience comes from the diverse clientele she served during those years. “I design interiors with this in mind: ‘How can I create a space that allows for the function of the family unit and the spirit of the individual to thrive?’” she says.

In 2008 Grass took a break from design to focus on her growing family. They moved to Leland in 2013, and in 2017 she felt ready to use her talents once again. “I love the excitement of living in a growing area like Leland,” she says. “There is an energy and enthusiasm for our town that I’ve never experienced living in larger cities.” Her first project in the area was to design the cabinet vignettes for the new Infinity Custom Cabinets showroom in Waterford.

With contacts throughout the industry, Grass has worked with many design styles but says she’s always had a love for the “clean, crisp palettes of coastal interiors.” The laid-back lifestyle in this area coordinates with her design philosophy that “home is where we love our people, and it should be welcoming, functional and beautiful.”

Dwelling Place Interiors exists to provide affordable and professional interior designer services to clients who desire to improve the beauty and functionality of their home. Whether designing a fully furnished custom home or remarkably improving a current space, Dwelling Place Interiors focuses on quality, attention to detail and follow through on vision for the client’s needs.

“I truly believe interior design is not about impressing others but loving others,” she says. “The home should be a place where its inhabitants and its guests feel relaxed, included and cherished.”

Grass and her family enjoy giving back to the community through free interior design classes consisting of various topics and volunteering at Charter Day School and North Brunswick High School. “I don’t design for the purpose of design, I design for the purpose of building relationships,” she says.

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    1. MAP it out! With so much new construction going on, I find over and over that my clients have not considered the whole picture before diving in. Decorating is a domino process; each room relates to the others. Here are some helps before you build your dream home.
      • What do I want my home to feel like? What is my favorite design style or styles?
      • Peruse Houzz and Pinterest to create boards of spaces that you love. After a while you will see a theme or a favorite color palette emerge. You can use these photos to direct your interior designer and your builder.
      • Know where you are going. Even if you can’t afford to decorate every room now, go ahead and design them. I give my clients mood boards that we can use as a guide to finish out a space over time. Then we will know in the end that it will all work together flawlessly.
    2. Keep the opinion pool small. I teach in my Color Theory 101 class that color is extremely personal. There are no poor color choices, just poor color combinations. A color that reminds you of your favorite trips to Grandma’s house as a child may repulse your neighbor. If it makes you happy, find what works with it, and ignore the critics. You are unique; your home should be too.

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