Stevie and Scout Chambers, 3 rd and 1 st grade students at Charter Day School respectively, used
their entrepreneurial skills to raise hurricane relief money via an enterprising lemonade stand. The lemonade
stand was located in the Brunswick Forest community of Leland and raised a whopping $386.23 in donations
for the Samaritan’s Purse charity. The lemonade stand operated over two days during mornings and

“Serving lemonade and raising money to help people is the best!” commented Stevie Chambers.
Stevie and Scout were veteran lemonade stand operators before Florence. Last summer they operated a
lemonade stand to raise money for a pet rescue. When the hurricane hit this year, Stevie and Scout wanted to
help. They originally hoped to volunteer for one of the many organizations assisting hurricane victims but
were too young. They decided that operating another lemonade stand was their best bet.

“It felt really good to help people!” exclaimed Scout Chambers.

April Chambers, the mother of Stevie and Scout, believes some credit for her daughter’s charity can be
attributed to their school – Charter Day School. She commented,”We love Charter Day School because it emphasizes good citizenship and character education along with academics. We know Scout and Stevie are
being taught valuable lessons that will help them throughout their lives.”

Charter Day School is one of four public charter schools managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, Inc.
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