Lincoln Elementary School Garden Project

by Sep 15, 2016Brunswick County Life, North Brunswick

Lincoln Elementary School is establishing a garden project to incorporate academic standards with hands-on applications that will nurture and develop the students’ education, growth and well-being. The students will learn how to cultivate a garden in a sustainable way, build appreciation for agriculture and its role in North Carolina’s past, present and future and learn where their food comes from and how to grow their own produce, in turn, providing an appreciation for healthy foods.

Lincoln Elementary School GardenLincoln Elementary School GardenLincoln Elementary School GardenThe garden is located between the 3rd and 4th/5th grade halls, and there will be several phases involved with it. Initially, it will include several large vegetable beds, fruit trees, an herb garden and an outdoor learning space. But eventually it will become a fully incorporated outdoor classroom for the entire school. Students will use different methods to learn more about healthy living choices, and the knowledge gained from the garden will offer them a future of taking responsibility for their health, community and environment.Lincoln Elementary School Garden

Donations of supplies, money and time are needed. If you’d like to help, contact Shane Terzaken at or (910) 371-3597.

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